The Boys Season 3…Wow

The Boys Season 3…Wow

The Boys Season 3…Wow

Wow doesn’t quite cover it, but that’s a start anyway since season 3 of The Boys has already been a riot from the start. If one didn’t expect season 3 to get even wilder than the seasons before it, then they might not have taken note that The Boys is one of the craziest, bloodies shows on Amazon Prime, and possibly on TV. Seriously, there are times when this show makes Game of Thrones and many other shows look like daytime dramas. But as is usual, this show starts in a manner that makes it clear how seriously unbalanced a few of its main characters are, as Homelander has taken on the look of a man that is unhinged and ready to start using every power at his disposal in whatever way he chooses. In other words, he looks ready to snap, and it likely won’t take much. As for Billy Butcher, he’s not much better since he’s still tracking down individuals with powers and he’s still the less than balanced individual he’s always been. The difference is that Butcher is showing some restraint this time around, at least to start with. 

To start with, one situation that a lot of fans are going to be tripping out about has to do with the super named Termite and his strange sexual escapades. If this was done for Pride Month, then it’s one of the strangest ways to show pride, even if a lot of folks found it eye-opening, or disgusting. After staging an exhibition with a plastic doll in a dollhouse to the delight of a crowd, Termite reverted to his usual size and was drawn into a room by another man to do a few lines of cocaine, as one does in a show like this, and then engage in one of the strangest sexual acts that have ever been seen on TV. 

I won’t go into too many details, but it involved Termite entering the man’s body through an orifice that’s usually exit only, and then, a fateful sneeze, followed by an explosion of blood and guts that left only Termite standing. Yeah, it became disgusting very quickly, and when Frenchie and Kimiko attempted to subdue him, Termite turned out to be a little tougher than they’d imagined, and nearly ended Frenchie by entering an orifice that hearkens back to the Ant-Man vs. Thanos debate. The madness continues onward as it’s eventually revealed that Hughie is doing everything he can to contain the supers without resorting to Billy’s methods, but it’s fairly tough since after a while he realizes that the person he’s working for is just as bad, as her power to cause heads to explode causes Hughie to realize that as much as he wants to do things the right way, Butcher’s way is still better since it gets results quicker and a much more efficient manner. The first three episodes of season 3 make it clear that things are progressing in a manner that’s only going to invite more and more nuttiness since Homelander is going off the deep end and throwing his weight around in a manner that makes it clear that if he wants to, he’ll fly off the hook and destroy everything. 

The loss of Stormfront appears to unhinge Homelander a bit more as she finally takes her own life, as it’s revealed at least, and the threat from Starlight to have the footage of himself and Queen Maeve abandoning a plane filled with people has no effect as Homelander dares her to make it public. As if to make things worse, Starlight and Homelander are made co-captains of the 7, while a surprise is unleashed on Starlight when The Deep returns to the 7. This turns out to be a rather odd decision though, but also one that shows how cruel Homelander can be as, during a dinner between himself and The Deep, as well as the 7’s PR person and The Deep’s wife, Homelander forces his fellow super to consume fish, as well as a live octopus. One can’t help but think that the madness is only going to get worse, and it kind of does as things move along and Hughie and Mother’s Milk decide to come back to the fold. 

At this point, one has to wonder what else is going to be in store, especially once Soldier Boy is reintroduced to the mix, as Butcher and the others are doing their best to track down what really happened to the Captain America-like super to find something that can kill Homelander. The flashbacks depicting Soldier Boy and his fellow supers of the time are kind of insane, and it reveals that the hero was a jerk without a doubt and that supers weren’t highly regarded at that time. But if there’s one theme that can be said to connect everything, it’s that Vought is still very much in control, and has been for a long time. 

Billy Butcher

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