Emma Thompson Once Snubbed Donald Trump’s Date Proposal

Emma Thompson Once Snubbed Donald Trump’s Date Proposal

Emma Thompson is one of the most accomplished actresses in the world right now and perhaps in the history of film.  So naturally when she goes public with a story that the President of the United States asked her out, I have to report on this.    Recently Thompson gave an interview to Swedish News Outlet SVT and disclosed that Donald Trump offered to put her up in his Trump Tower and wanted to have dinner with her.  Here’s what Thompson had to say.

“The phone rings in my trailer, which it’s never done before, so it’s like a moose had just entered my trailer. “I lift up the phone. ‘Hi, it’s Donald Trump here.’ I said, ‘Really? Can I help you?’ “He said, ‘I wonder if I could offer you some accommodation in one of my Trump Towers – they’re really comfortable. “I think we would get on very well. Maybe we could have dinner some time.'” Thompson continued: “I didn’t know what to do with myself. I was on my own and I just said, ‘Erm, I’ll get back to you.'” The actress added that she had not met up with him. But she joked: “I wish I had… think of the stories.”

OK here’s the thing on this.  While the collective world will speculate that this was a romantic offering (which I personally think it is), I’m more curious to see if this actually becomes “news” today.  Will Donald Trump tweet a denial about it?  I hate to even think of this as “news” but watch Trump deflect all White House correspondence into this thing all day.  There’s no real reason for Thompson to lie or try to gain publicity.  I think she was really just reminiscing and thinking about how funny it was back in the day.

Thompson explained that she had been in the US filming 1998 release Primary Colors and that she just had divorce papers come through from her marriage to Kenneth Branagh, which lasted from 1989 to 1995.  It’s fun to note that Donald Trump was married to Marla Maples at that time.

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