10 Things You Didn’t Know about Samantha Ruth Prabhu

Being part of the international spotlight has its advantages and its disadvantages. It’s easy to imagine that being scrutinized relentlessly each time you leave your home by everyone rarely feels like an advantage, yet Samantha Ruth Prabhu handles it with such class. She’s frequently in the press while the world discusses her hair, her clothes, her fashion choices, and everything else about her, and she does not allow it to get to her. She’s compared regularly to other actresses and models of her caliber, and she continues to live her life as if she doesn’t even notice. She’s a star, and she’s someone the world wants to know better.

1. She’s from India

She was born and raised in India. She was born on April 28, 1987, in a place called Madras. Madras was located in Tamil Nadu. It is no longer called Madras, however. It is currently known as Chennai.

2. She is the Baby

Her mother and father are the parents of three children, and she is the baby of the family. Not only is she the baby, though; she is also the only girl in the family. Both of her older siblings are brothers, which means she probably had a lot of fun growing up getting away with more than they did at home while they had to watch her do things that they’d have been in trouble for as children – provided their family is like any other family who tends to do this.

3. She Went to College

She attended the Stella Maris College, and she studied commerce. However, she wasn’t entirely focused on her studies toward the end of her college career when she was asked to participate in some modeling projects. She shifted her focus to include that.

4. She Was Noticed

We will not say she was discovered, but her modeling career did lead to her being noticed by someone who had some major pull in the filmmaking industry. This led to her taking part in her first film in 2010. She was a star already, and that was just the beginning. From that point forward, she began to land roles left and right, and she became one of the most recognized stars in her region.

5. She Made Her Television Debut in 2020

Ten years into her acting career, she was already making headlines as an award-winner, she was critically acclaimed, talented, and one of the best of the best, and she took on a new role. She became the television host for the show “Big Boss 4,” and it was something that her fans adored. Seeing her in a more reality type setting allowed them to get to know the actress as a person, too, and they loved that.

6. She Had to Take a Health Break

She was only two years into her career in 2012 when she began suffering from an immune disease that pulled her out of work for months. She was unwell, and her doctors struggled with treatment for her. Her body did not respond well to the medication that she was issued, and her prolonged absence was something that was attributed to her overall health. Thankfully, it did not affect her career.

7. She’s Married

She met and began dating her husband in 2010, right about the same time she kicked off her acting career. His name is Naga Chaitanya, and he is also an actor. They would go on to date for seven years before he’d ask her to wed. They became engaged in 2017, they got married in 2017, and they are currently separated as of 2021.

8. She’s into Fashion

Not only is she into fashion as a part of her life, she also owns a fashion label. As of 2020, she is the owner of a women’s fashion brand. The brand is called Saaki, and it’s something that she has added to her resume as part of her future.

9. She Has a Foundation

After her illness in 2012, she made the decision to give back. She began a foundation that allows her to help those who need medical care. She partnered with three friends who are in the medical field working as doctors so that they can provide the kind of support that women and children need when their health is at stake.

10. She’s Private

Her life is not something she’s comfortable discussing. She is often asked about it, and she manages to pivot into her career, her foundation, and the things that she feels matter more than what she is doing at home where her life is her own.

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