10 Ridiculous but Real Complaints Made About Movies

10 Ridiculous but Real Complaints Made About Movies

10 Ridiculous but Real Complaints Made About Movies

There are always bound to be people who will make complaints about movies without offering any type of constructive criticism while droning on and on about what they liked and what they didn’t. But there are those folks that are capable of stating a valid reason why they didn’t care for a movie, which is a lot easier to handle since it makes a valid argument that can be debated. But those that end up complaining about a movie simply because they can, or worse, because of something that makes absolutely no sense, are hard to deal with. There are actually plenty of people that fit this mold since for one reason or another they can’t wrap their mind around the idea of the movie, or they’re simply out in the ozone somewhere with their thought process and need a serious dose of reality injected straight into their cerebellum.  In any case, here are ten movie complaints that are bound to have you rolling your eyes and weeping for humanity. 

10. Alvin and the Chipmunks – didn’t use real chipmunks

Yeah, how dare they not go out and train three chipmunks to act and talk on command? I mean really, the nerve. In the meantime, that kind of sarcasm would likely float right over whoever made such a comment unless they were joking. The sad part is that if they were called out on their comment they might play it off to indicate that yes, they were totally joking, they didn’t really expect trained chipmunks. 

9. Cinderella – targeted children too much

Now if the animated version had been anything like the original legend, then perhaps it would have been kind of disturbing, but given that the animated version dulled things down quite a bit, which means that Disney took every opportunity they had to make it traumatizing, then this comment might have been valid. But seriously, it’s a kids’ movie, made for those small versions of adults, otherwise known as kids. 

8. Happy Feet – sexualizes penguins

The movie made the female penguins stand out with vague lady lumps, and apparently someone that noticed it had an issue. I can kind of see how this would upset a few parents, provided that they were a bit repressed and yet somehow didn’t think that The Little Mermaid might have had an issue as well. But the point of this complaint is kind of lost on a lot of folks since most people didn’t have an issue with the distinguishing factors between male and female penguins for a cartoon. 

7. The Incredibles – pushed unrealistic body shapes

You really have to wonder what shows and movies people are watching that would make them think that calling out an animated feature over something like the WWE or any average soap opera is a great idea. Unrealistic body shapes? Would that be reverse body-shaming, or does that even exist? 

6. Kung Fu Panda – not realistic

This one deserves a very reserved golf clap since they called out a fictional story for not being realistic. Think about that, they had an issue with a panda learning kung fu alongside a tiger, a snake, a monkey, a bug, and a stork. If you’re done laughing, you’ll appreciate how ridiculous that sounds. 

5. The Hunger Games – wasn’t biblical enough 

For a world in which religion isn’t being practiced this person isn’t wrong, but they’re not right either. There’s nothing biblical about The Hunger Games, but hey, people see what they want and hear what they want all the time, so perhaps someone felt that there was something religiously inclined about the different districts bowing down to their superiors. But really, this was more Darwinian than religious, if we’re debating. 

4. Fifty Shades of Grey – it gave an unrealistic view of inner-city parking

Really? Parking in the city is what this person focused on? I guess all that sexual stuff was either too naughty or too boring, it kind of depends on the individual watching really, but even if Dakota Johnson wasn’t thought to be hot enough to take on this role, it was still a steamy and strange time in the red room. But some folks tend to let their minds wander to other things for one reason or another. 

3. Minions – teaches kids to glorify evil

Because no one says ‘Banana’ like a creature bent on twisting our nation’s youth as much as possible, right? So yes, the minions were set to follow the most crooked person they could find, but to call them evil is kind of a stretch since as Dr. Evil would put it, they’re ‘the Diet Coke of evil’. 

2. Jurassic Park – the dinosaurs didn’t look real enough

Even archaeologists kind of let this go since from their studies and findings they know, or can at least guess, that the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park weren’t true to form. But here’s an interesting tidbit, IT’S A MOVIE. If you want realistic dinosaurs then build a time machine and dial in a date for 65 million years in the past. 

1. Titanic – too predictable

Is anything quite as predictable as history? I know, I know, it’s so trite and predictable, you would almost think that history would change for us whenever a person desires. Well, some folks might like to alter it just a bit to fit their narrative, but retconning history in this manner has more entertainment value than telling the truth in its entirety.  Some folks’ elevators don’t all the way to the top. 

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