Rehab: Party at the Hard Rock Hotel “Episode 3.06” Recap

Rehab: Party at the Hard Rock Hotel “Episode 3.06” Recap

Rehab: Party at the Hard Rock Hotel “Episode 3.06” RecapSo Sharon didn’t quit after all. Matt is still ticked at everyone. In other words, it’s business as usual at the Hard Rock Hotel this week. Except for the part where Matt is also sleep-deprived. We open the episode with him talking about all the responsibilities he has, and how he hasn’t slept in three days. He’s chugging energy drinks to stay awake. At least he seems a little more social, but will that last when the caffeine wears off?

Jonna has had to fly in from her native Arizona to get to work, which seems like a huge pain in her behind. Kenyon calls it “absolutely ridiculous” and I have to admit it would make more sense for her to take a job closer to where she lives. I’m sure there are reasons why she puts herself through such a commute, but at te moment, it just makes her look bad. Not a good start to the day for her, and we already know the other waitresses have it out for her. I worry about her job security. Especially when one of her cabanas is a huge bachelor party, which we know usually means trouble.

Speaking of trouble, Matt’s out to investigate the conflicts with the bartenders (remember Chantel’s spat with Ray last week?). He calls in the lead bartender, who of course blames Jessica and Chantel while claiming Ray is the best employee ever. I swear, there’s more infighting at Rehab than in an episode of a daytime talk show. Everyone is out for themselves. There’s no team dynamic. I’m reminded of the former Discovery series American Casino, which spotlighted Green Valley Ranch in Henderson; the staff there worked as a team and, while they didn’t always get along, you believed they were at least capable of leaving that at the door. I get no such feeling from the Rehab team, at least not since Justin left.

Sharon, fresh off her not-resignation, finds out Matt wants to talk to her at the end of the day. Just that innocuous request alone has her rankled. She tells Jake that if Matt starts anything, he’ll have to carry her out. Rightly, Jake tells us that this is not his fight.

With that behind her, she’s called to check out a note left on someone’s hotel room door; a guest’s date from the previous night apparently lost her earring in his bed and would like it back. One of the other staffers calls the number on the note and the woman freely admits, “It’s okay, I’m a whore.” Obviously, someone has a very low opinion of themselves…as well as some promiscuity issues. Then again, this is Vegas, which is practically home of the inebriated hookup.

Meanwhile, Matt is getting terribly anal-retentive about the status of the pool deck, and Kenyon’s absence from it. That makes Kenyon the first person he yells at this episode. Once he’s laid into Kenyon, he tells Chantel and Jessica that he wants to see them next. After that, it’s the cabana attendants. Everyone gets a piece of his mind. “He’s totally losing it,” Sharon notes, just as we’re treated to Matt trying (and failing) to jump over the bar counter. It’d be funnier if he fell instead of just slipped, but it’s still worth a chuckle.

Sharon gets summoned to deal with a mouthy bachelorette and her friends. She tells her that she knows where her fiance is; namely, it’s the guy who’s over in his cabana mingling with all the chicks that Jonna is waiting on. Someone is in a whole ton of trouble. “She’s got GPS on her boyfriend? That’s a little psycho,” Sharon’s cohort remarks when it’s over, but at the same time, you can’t blame the girl if she’s engaged to a guy who’s lying about where he is, ostensibly so he won’t be busted for flirting with women who are not her. The bachelorette and her friends eventually get into Rehab, and once she sees what’s happening, she’s enraged. She rips off her engagement ring and throws it at her now-former fiance, and a fight breaks out amongst everyone else. It comes as absolutely no surprise that a short time later, the spouses-to-be make up and everyone’s more interested in partying.

Jake is trying to send an overly intoxicated woman to the hospital. Her cousin doesn’t like having to leave when the medics are trying to treat her, and starts using obscenities, so he decides to deep-six her for her foul mouth. Seriously, people, regardless of whether you’re right or wrong, how you behave goes a long, long way in any situation.

As if that wasn’t enough action, security gets to deal with an incoherent foreign guest. Sharon is the only one able to figure out that he’s angry about his expensive sunglasses being lifted. He thinks he knows who, too, and grabs her cell phone and throws it into the pool. She decides to press charges over the now-ruined phone. He threatens to sue the hotel. It’s basically a melee. Thankfully, a friend of his steps in to act as an intermediary. He pays the girl for her phone, apologizes to her, and takes care of his crazy companion. It’s always good to have friends that you can count on. (Or that, in the case of security officer Paul, shove you in the pool for your birthday.)

It’s been awhile since we’ve seen Matt. He’s back in his office (which is still tiny but bigger than his previous closet of an office), where he’s waiting to confront everyone on his hit list. The first is Chantel, whom he makes cry as he’s not even willing to entertain the idea that Ray is anything less than a saint. She admits that she should have taken the issue to him first, and he calms down a bit. Aleast the two are able to settle up, so he decides talking to Jessica isn’t necessary. He actually gives them a compliment: “I think Chantel and Jessica are really good people. I think they have good intentions.” Wow, that may be the nicest thing he’s ever said about anyone.

Sharon comes in right after, and Matt admits to her that he knows she cares just as much about the property as he does, and that their personal relationship is affecting their work. For once, they’re not screaming at each other, but agreeing that they want what’s best for the Hard Rock and they need to move on from their acrimony. They actually even hug. Who is this guy and what did he do with Matt? Maybe Matt needs to be sleep-deprived more often, because for at least part of this week, I actually find him sane and likeable. Here’s to hoping he stays that way (although the previews suggest otherwise).

What do you think? Are Matt and Sharon really going to be able to keep the peace? How long until Matt goes back to the man we love to hate?

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