Recap – Rehab: Party at the Hard Rock Hotel 3.02

When we left the Hard Rock last week, it was in the aftermath of a premiere that could easily have been retitled “The Matt Show,” because it was all about him and his displeasure with everything. Even in this picture, he looks annoyed. Did his reign of terror continue this week? Or did we actually talk about something else for once?

All seems fine at 8:15 as everyone convenes for a pre-shift meeting, where Matt breaks the news that the GM who started “last week” isn’t with them. (So does that mean the show is in real time?) Kenyon is the new pool GM; let’s see if his job performance matches his sense of entitlement.

Sharon still hates Matt, and wants to talk to him about his behavior. Matt is making her talk to Kenyon rather than deal with her, to which her response is an expletive phrase many people have probably said to Matt’s face before.

Out on the waitress beat, Amanda gets to work Bikini Beach, which is the hardest section of the pool area to work. She’s concerned about making enough to get a new car and complaining about two casino guests who aren’t ordering drinks. She decides to bring in Boris, the “party coordinator” or “chick wrangler” (a job which for some reason, has always struck me as weird), to loosen them up.

Jonna gets to handle a bachelor party, working with an independent VIP host who’s brought them to Rehab and is putting all their booze on his card. I wish I knew someone who’d do that for me; then again, I don’t drink and I’m not very popular. Oh, well. It would go better for her if the VIP host’s credit card wasn’t coming back stolen. Stupidly, she tells this to the VIP host rather than taking it to Kenyon or Matt. That’s like telling the murderer you know he did it. Like Satan out of nowhere, Matt appears minutes later, when the VIP host has disappeared, and threatens to fire her, although this time I can’t say he’d be out of line to do so.

Chantel and Jessica are not free of Cupgate yet. The new batch of cups have holes in them and are slowly leaking everywhere. We see the ripple effects of this through the whole hour as it shows no signs of stopping, and we don’t see anyone reporting this to management so it can be helped either. However, there may be a reason why: later in the episode, we find out the holes match perfectly with one of the ticket holders, meaning someone probably did the damage on purpose. On top of that, there’s some guy that wants to ogle Chantel’s rear end, and tell us how much he wants to do things to it. Don’t you just love drunk people?

We finally have time to meet Jake, who is the new security lead, replacing Deebo. Our introduction to him is chasing down a guy who’s taken off running from the bag check area after trying to steal wristbands. He quickly deduces the guy is hiding the wristbands in a body cavity none of us want to think about, and the look on his face when he realizes that is priceless. The wristbands are eventually removed from the offending area that, as Jake says, “I would not like to discuss.” Neither would I, so we’ll just leave that there. The guy is arrested immediately thereafter, thankfully, so we can all move on.

You know who we haven’t seen in awhile? Sharon, who is still trying to get Matt to talk to her, rather than funnel everything through Kenyon. No such luck, but she comes in to help Jonna with her stolen credit card situation and the $5,000 outstanding tab. She tells the bachelor party in no uncertain terms that they pay their tab within the hour or she has to take them to jail. Obviously, they’ve been had, and try to pool together all the money they have to make it happen. I actually feel pretty bad for these guys. Never fear, dudes: Sharon is on the prowl for your scam artist. She alerts all the troops, including Jake, who draws a bead on the guy and chases him into the parking garage. When Jake confronts him on the situation, it does not go well, and Jake decides to throw him up against his truck and handcuff him instead. I loved Deebo, but I like Jake already.

The scam artist gets taken into holding, where Jake begins a process we haven’t seen before, searching and questioning his perp. Jake finds some of the missing money, and turns the guy over to the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police for criminal charges. The money goes to Jonna, but she counts it and realizes there’s $2,300 missing. Jake has to break this to Sharon, and now she may have to get the police involved, because the bachelor party is still liable for the remainder of the tab that they can’t afford to pay.

Matt shows up, trying to tell Jake that he’s not going to deal with Sharon, in expletive-laden terms. Jake, to his credit, smiles, nods and ignores it. Thankfully, Sharon’s not there. She’s calling the higher-ups to ask for guidance in the situation, and the poor guys get a break – the suits have decided to comp the remainder of the bachelor party’s bar tab since they are victims as well. We find out from Jonna that the best man took the last of their money, put it down on blackjack, and actually won, so all is not lost. She even gets a $1,000 tip out of it. Even Amanda gets paid, claiming she made “as much as a doctor.”

Looks like we made it through another episode with Matt only having one major blowup, and Sharon not killing Matt. What will next week bring? Apparently, stalkers and crazy people. Meet me right back here to check it all out!

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