Rehab: Party at the Hard Rock Hotel “Episode 3.05” Recap

Last week, we were all shocked when Sharon told Matt she quit during another of their infamous arguments. This week, we’ve got one burning question: was she just saying that because of how livid she was, or did she really mean it?

Apparently, she was serious. She hasn’t given her two weeks notice yet, but she plans to by the end of this episode. At the 9 AM security briefing, she doesn’t say anything to her team, but the rumors are already flying. By 9:30, Jake pulls her aside and asks what’s up. He and several of her team members have decided they’ll go if she goes. She tells them to give her the day to make up her mind.

The other half of that equation, Matt, is checking up on Amanda to make sure that she’s okay after her trip to the hospital. She doesn’t even remember being in the ambulance, but she’s back poolside, so she must be doing well enough. At Matt’s pre-shift meeting, he uses her as a reminder to everyone else not to lapse into heat exhaustion. He also assigns some of the veteran waitresses to continue to train Jonna, which is not their idea of a good time. Amanda is already whining and talking about her behind her back. Classy. Sure, she’s a bit of an airhead, but nobody deserves that.

Doors open at 10 AM and the party (or mayhem) begins. Jake gets approached by a woman who tells him that there’s a guy who’s groped her and her friend. A pursuit begins almost immediately, and the guy gets away in the crowd. Not a good start to the day.

Jonna finds herself short $500, much to Amanda’s annoyance; her patrons insist they gave her $3,800, but she’s only counting $3,300. This is just reading “future Matt explosion” right away.

Speaking of Matt, he’s sent his assistant back to his house to take care of his beloved chihuahua. Like everything else Matt’s assistant does, this doesn’t go well – the dog escapes out the door he left open. Yes, Matt is going to have an aneurysm today.

Jake is still looking for the culprit from earlier, who’s still covered in grease and therefore literally slipping through security’s hands. He finally has to call Sharon for help. Her suggestion, much to his bewilderment and my amusement, is large quantities of plastic wrap. This actually works, as they wrap him up tighter than leftovers at Thanksgiving and haul him off the property. An unamused Sharon wants to know what he’s got himself covered in, and it happens to be Crisco. Yes, the shortening used in cooking. He’s such a lovely guy that he flips off her and her team as he leaves. No one will miss him.

Everyone is still making fun of Jonna, but thankfully Matt walks in and tells them to stop being jerks (in a much less nice way, complete with profanity). As it turns out, Jonna was just miscounting (a lot). Matt tells her to let a manager count for her and alleviate that problem entirely.

Jake’s next job is to break up a couple that’s bordering on indecent exposure in the pool. For obvious reasons, the security officers in the pool do not have radios, so this is not as easy as it seems. He can’t get the attention of any of the officers in the pool, which only makes his slightly bad day get even worse. Imagine his surprise when it turns out they’ve just met. He doesn’t really care, though, and kicks them both out.

Chantel is ticked off at Edwin, the barback (so I guess Art gave up on ever getting promoted and quit?), because the DJ Bar is running out of stuff and he’s nowhere to be found. Jessica finds out that Ray – the manager of the Grotto Bar – is telling Edwin that Chantel is talking badly about him, and Edwin is ticked off about it. Chantel and Edwin try to make up.

Matt’s assistant still can’t find Matt’s dog, which is the end of the world as he knows it, given that the dog is the most important thing in Matt’s life short of his job. Just when he’s about to admit defeat and call Matt, the dog turns up back home on her own.

Jonna makes an even bigger screwup when she charges a tab to the wrong cabana under Amanda’s watch. However, how they handle this is completely bizarre to me. Apparently, there’s no way to simply rectify the error. Amanda thinks she now has to extract the extra $1,000 from the people that just got mischarged, and Jonna sees it as a way to make Amanda pay for being a pain in her side. Both these things completely baffle me. Jonna should learn from her mistakes, not see them as opportunities to mess with her colleagues, and can’t Amanda just find some way to rectify the error? I’ve had credits come back to my credit card before. One would imagine these girls can do the same. They might need a manager, but surely it can’t be absolute. Then again, I’ve never worked there, so maybe it is. It just seems bizarre to me.

Back to the frisky “couple,” who are escorted out by Sharon, who’s just now found out the guy in this equation has a girlfriend waiting upstairs. The woman doesn’t take kindly to this either, and decides to take her frustrations out by hitting Sharon. Sharon already has a short fuse, and grabs her with a very firm warning that if she continues to cause a scene, she’s going to jail. She continues to struggle and say things that make no sense, so maybe cooling out in jail would do this girl some good.

The waitresses are still trying to sort themselves out while Matt is on the prowl. Surprisingly, the mischarged party has no problem coughing up an additional $960. I wish I was able to let go of almost a thousand dollars that easily. Unfortunately for karma, Matt doesn’t find out about the little clerical error, and Amanda gets off scot-free. Matt is not so nice to his assistant, given that the guy’s been gone for hours and he also knows – thanks to third parties – that said assistant lost his dog, albeit temporarily. Hilariously, this is followed by footage of him saying, “He’s a good guy, he means well, he tries his best.” There’s a contrast.

Sharon finally sits down with Jake to discuss her future at the Hard Rock in the last two minutes of the episode. She feels like quitting would be running away, and has changed her mind, much to Jake’s relief – as well as, no doubt, the entire audience. Someone has to balance out Matt, especially since next week “he’s on a rampage” again. It’s the same song on a different day at Rehab.

Are you as relieved as I am that Sharon didn’t quit? As ready as I am to hit Amanda upside the head with something heavy? Let me know below!

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