The Real Housewives of Atlanta 3.10 “Auto-Tuned Up” Review

Last night’s Real Housewives of Atlanta was pretty dry in a lot of areas last night, but a few things did stick out to us before the close of the episode.

1) “The Ring Didn’t Mean A Thing” Is Officially Annoying…

After hearing a song over and over again, especially during one portion of the ditty, it tends to wear on the nerves and “The Ring Didn’t Mean A Thing” has crossed that finish line through and through. It doesn’t help that Kim is not hitting any of the notes whatsoever, sounding like a dog being strangled while underwater. Just saying…

2) Tracy

Kim brought Tracy around the cameras (aka the other Housewives) and honestly thought no one was going to talk, especially with Tracy dropping sweet tender murmurs of affection whenever she got the chance. Was it us or did Tracy seem like she was high in love while at the racing track? Wonder if they had a reunion session before attending the event. Hmm…

Although Kim was playing Paranoia Eudoria with people talking to Tracy, she was out of line for snapping at everyone who were attempting to get to know Tracy. Seriously, it was almost as if Kim was ashamed or something, which will not look good in the eyes of her gay fan base. However, Tabatha Coffey is not a fan of Kim period, announcing on Watch What Happens Live! last night how she felt Kim’s tryst with Tracy was a publicity stunt. It’s hard to tell if that’s what Kim was aiming for. With that said, if Kim doesn’t want anyone to dip in her business then maybe she will want to recant giving Phaedra hell earlier this season.

4) Peter vs. NeNe

Poor Cynthia. She was officially brought into the external drama last night when NeNe (in a semi-paranoid state, mind you) felt that Peter had a problem with her, putting Cynthia smack dead in the middle. The reason why we don’t feel as if NeNe was truly at fault is because of Peter’s sudden need for attention from Cynthia. It would’ve been one thing if Peter was upset about Cynthia being on the phone with anyone, but he uttered NeNe’s name as if she was the sole culprit in Cynthia’s rolodex. In our eyes, it’s perfectly plausible for NeNe to have some sort of inkling of Peter having a grudge with her, but why though? Did Peter catch wind of how NeNe dug in Gregg for his statements about her over the radio? If that’s the case then Peter is wrong thrice over for even picking sides in a situation that is not his business and also dragging Cynthia into the foray.

You should’ve seen our Twitter and Facebook feeds as people during these segments, because they were not feeling what Peter was dishing last night, and neither were we. However, NeNe didn’t have to instigate the situation further through the phone, which put Cynthia in a bad position. But this is NeNe Leakes we are talking about, so a confrontation was bound to happen eventually.

Funniest Moment of the Night

Hands down, this award goes to Phaedra, Apollo, and Baby Ayden as he pooped all over his parents last night. Classic Real Housewives moment there. Luckily, Phaedra didn’t drop the baby in disgust, but to be honest, we probably would’ve reacted the same way. Sort of.

Your thoughts on last night’s episode?

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