The Real Housewives of Atlanta 5.14: Prayed Up and Worn Out

Cynthia The Real Housewives of AtlantaI don’t know if it was Grammys fever or a gazillion different things fighting for my attention last night (The Walking Dead returning, other projects, life), but this week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta was very lackluster and truly irrelevant.

At least 95% of the episode left me yawning and wondering what the Grammys was up to, which is sad given that a lot of people went to Get Glue and Facebook to voice how much they hated the Grammys this year. Besides a cancer scare for Kenya Moore and the much ballyhooed, yet extremely lacking disagreement between Porsha Stewart and Cynthia Bailey, nothing else happened in the episode worth noting (well, there was Kandi Burruss’s dabbling in gospel music, which was actually quite interesting). Besides those three particular storylines, this episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta could have waited until next week where it wouldn’t have gotten buried under the hoopla surrounding the Grammys and The Walking Dead‘s triumphant (?) return.

Cynthia and Porsha Disagree… And Later Make Up. Sorta.

When we last left former model Cynthia Bailey, she was prepping for her first beauty pageant and had enlisted Porsha to help her bring the project to light. Why this particular group of women have yet to learn from their past mistakes of asking their friends to help in big business ventures is beyond me, but it wasn’t long before Cynthia and Porsha were the latest victims of this apparent curse.

The issue started when Cynthia asked Porsha if she could stop by Casa Stewart with her Bailey Agency crew to discuss business. Porsha was not cool with this, because Kordell, who was out-of-town, wasn’t cool with having people over to his house who he has not met. She opted instead to meet Cynthia at the Bailey Agency office. To some, that might seem like an odd and silly excuse to turn away guests, but a lot of people (mostly men) don’t like it when strangers enter their home and they haven’t met them face to face yet. Apparently, this particular household rule didn’t sit too well with Cynthia’s assistants, who didn’t waste any time throwing shade at Porsha as soon as she entered the Bailey Agency. This is where I had to pull out four chairs for all three of Cynthia’s assistants and Cynthia herself for letting her assistants get out of hand.

First and foremost, Porsha didn’t slight the men by calling them “strangers,” because she really didn’t know them like that. Secondly, they came at her as if she was Kenya Moore, who has been back to the Bailey Agency and wasn’t read the riot act during her second visit. So why was Porsha subjected to that ratchet excuse of a security check? Yea, I thought the Bailey Agency as a whole was in the wrong for that one.

Next, while Cynthia was trying to discuss business with Porsha, which included a sort of sponsorship deal with the Hosea Williams foundation, Porsha took a phone call from Kordell that didn’t sit well with the former model. This is where picking sides gets a bit murky, because I didn’t really see what was the problem on both ends, just as I was left in the dark about the business deal between Kenya and Phaedra Parks. Nothing was explained clearly to determine just who was in the wrong.

Porsha later discussed the meeting with Kordell, who immediately told his wife to “handle” the situation, which probably sent a million Housewives conspiracy theorists to assume that Kordell might be a sort of control freak in his and Porsha’s marriage. While it did come off a bit rough (and Porsha’s reaction didn’t help matters either), I think it was just a means of telling his wife to not let these women scare her into submission, which with these women is necessary.

Later in the episode, Porsha does meet up with Cynthia to only be dropped from helping the former model in putting together the pageant. At least Porsha didn’t react in a psychotic way when Cynthia explained how Porsha didn’t seem interested in the event (which we still really couldn’t tell if that was true or not), which speaks volumes about her character.

At the end of the day, Porsha still invited Cynthia and Peter to Kordell’s 40th birthday bash, where the former NFL player sat the two women down and had them work out their differences like a father with his two daughters. Hopefully this is the end of this particular storyline and the curse of two Housewives going into a business venture with each other.

Kandi Stays Prayed Up

After being showered with a million blessings in the last few years, Kandi felt that it was time to give the Lord praise for her successful career/life. While sitting with her crew after being away from the studio for a while, Kandi revealed to her producers how she wanted to tinker with a gospel album. Kandi The Real Housewives of AtlantaNow while that particular genre of choice might bring a “Ruh Roh?!” from Kandi’s fans, I’m actually eager to hear the finished project after hearing a snippet of what the song had to offer, and I’m not even a fan of gospel.

Kenya Has A Cancer Scare

Now everyone who knows me can account for my complete ire for Kenya Moore, but even I had to put my brakes on her tonight as she went through a painful and scary scenario involving her health. According to Ms. Gone With The Wind Fabulous, her doctors discovered two lumps in one of her breasts, which was enough for Kenya to rightfully panic. In the end after three painful biopsies, Kenya was given a clean bill of health. Kind of. One of the lumps was benign, but the doctor told Kenya that she would like to check it again after six months to make sure it stays that way. Hopefully it does, because I wouldn’t wish breast cancer on my worst enemy. It’s not a joke and shouldn’t be taken as such. Here’s hoping that Kenya gets well and keeps a clean bill of health.

Miscellaneous Events

– Walter showing up at Kordell’s birthday party was random as hell. What’s worse was that neither Peter nor Kordell knew about Walter and Kenya splitting up. Would I be wrong if I called that a bald-faced lie?

– When Porsha started ‘rocking’ her niece, I was praying for someone to hurry up and take the poor baby away from her.

– Not getting why Porsha didn’t use a practical venue for Kordell’s Harlem Renaissance themed birthday party instead of another house. Did I miss something there?

So was I the only one who felt that this episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta didn’t hit on anything? Speak out below…

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