The Real Housewives of Atlanta Episode Six: Change Has Come To Atlanta

Sunday’s episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta was all about a change of sorts for Sheree, NeNe, and especially Kim, who finally gave birth to Kroy Jr. Before moving on, we here at TVOvermind would like to welcome Kroy Jagger Biermann Jr. to the world and congratulate his parents on a healthy baby boy. Other than Kroy’s birth, the episode lacked severly, but bounced back with tonight’s episode.

Now let’s get to the dirt.

Kim’s New Bundle of Joy

Kroy Jr.’s (or “K.J.” as he will be called) journey into the world wasn’t a walk in the park. Kim was having a few issues at first, but thankfully came out on top and gave birthed Kroy Jr. like a champ. It was somewhat funny for Kim to give Kroy a hard time for being stoic the entire time, but what did she expect from a 25-year-old man who is about to witness the birth of his first kid? That’s a pretty mind-blowing experience, so I got where his state of mind was coming from. Even though he looked (to me, at least) as if he was one short fuse from snapping at Kim a time or two, Kroy held it down pretty well and should be commended for surviving such a task. As Kim said tonight, who would’ve seen this coming last year this time? It’s been a whirlwind of a year for Ms. Zolciak-Biermann, and despite my love/hate relationship with her as a person, she truly deserved the happiness that she’s been blessed with as of late.

Plus, this episode had backdoor spin-off pilot written all on it. The flashbacks, which dated back to when Kim’s psychic first foreshadowed Kroy Jr.’s birth to this season’s baby shower, were a nice touch to show just how far Kim had come. It also could have been the perfect lead out for Kim to start her spin-off show, leaving The Real Housewives of Atlanta in her for good. But we all know Andy Cohen wants Kim to stay put with her nemesis NeNe Leakes, which is a whole other story in itself. Now if Kim can just get Cohen change his mind about making her spin-off only a limited series…

NeNe and the Weirdest Date Ever

I don’t even know where to begin with this one. NeNe’s “business lunch” with Famous Famiglia pizzaria owner John Kolaj became the forerunner for the most disturbing scene of the night. The second one involved Kandi and Mama Joyce, which I will get to later.

NeNe wasn’t expecting the abundance of affection from Mr. Kolaj, who went all out for just a business deal meal. The man was clearly in love (or simply enthralled) with NeNe, but going about it all the wrong ways. You would have thought by tonight’s over display of affection that he and NeNe had dated, broken up, reunited and were on their way to sealing the deal on living happily ever after. The problem is that someone forgot to tell NeNe all of this, or they forgot to tell John how to bring it back a little bit on the flattery. The only thing homeboy did right was give NeNe the pen to “sign their first million dollar deal” with, which should have been the only subtle hint of letting NeNe know how he really felt about her. The shoes, the serenade, and everything else in between was more than a bit much. It was just… tragic.

One thing of interest out of the entire scene was NeNe and Mr. Kolaj’s potential business venture, Lenithia’s Lounge, which we unfortunately didn’t get a lot of information on. Hopefully that won’t be the case in the future and hopefully Mr. Kolaj would have picked up some better pick-up lines by the time we see him again. Although to be honest, I’m not holding my breath on the latter ever happening.

Deja Sheree

So Sheree has something in common with her mother Thelma when it comes to men who don’t believe in child support. The difference is that while Sheree has been scared to ruffle feathers, Thelma didn’t wait and immediately took Sheree’s father to court. Now that Bob has obviously had time to lawyer up, Sheree has found herself in another pickle in this child support battle and it can’t go anywhere except for ugly. Will she be ready for what’s to come? I heavily doubt it.

As much as I despise Sheree at times, I can’t help but root for her against Bob. Initially, I really felt that Sheree was looking for funding to build Chateau Sheree or for any other endeavor she’s working on. But after hearing that Bob used Kayleigh’s gift card she received for her birthday to buy groceries to put in his house, I hope Sheree nails Bob to the wall, because that is just beyond tacky. In fact, ‘tacky’ is putting it mildly. ‘Trifling’ is a better word in this scenario and whether he has money or not, taking money from your child should be the last thing you, as a man, should want to do. Just saying.

Professional and Private Advice for Cynthia

While NeNe was being courted and showered in gifts, Cynthia went to ask old friend/flame (and latest Real Housewives of Atlanta special guest star) Russell Simmons for a collaboration on a model search. The search would feature students of The Bailey Agency modeling for Simmons’s Argyleculture clothing brand to gain experience. While Simmons is well-known for his knack to brand his name and make money practically grow on trees, the guy was hella scatterbrained, albeit in a good way. While Cynthia was the “focused” one in the scene, it was actually Simmons who laid out how Cynthia should think to expand her focus from mentoring models to different factions of the fashion industry as a whole. He even suggested for Cynthia to change the name of the school so it could have a broad appeal for people who aren’t necessarily model material… and don’t know it yet.

After Cynthia got some professional advice, she found some personal advice from her old friend Kithe, who clearly saw through Cynthia’s “I’m fine!” attitude on her marriage with Peter and the Atlanta scene in general. Kithe’s advice to Cynthia was a breath of fresh truth. Kithe also pointed out how she had dumbed herself down to fit in with the Atlanta crew, which could be true. However, I haven’t seen Cynthia pre-Real Housewives of Atlanta, so I can’t really make a call on that. Bottom line, Cynthia is not fully 100% as she has made herself out to be this season and I wonder how long will it take for her to crack under all of the pressure?

Kandi and Phaedra’s Adventure of the Week

As Sheree, NeNe, Cynthia, and Kim had some heavy issues Sunday, Kandi and Phaedra brought the fun to the table with their quick appearances of that night.

Luckily, Mama Joyce forgave Kandi long enough for the two to bond on prepping Mama Joyce for reentry into the dating game. This is where I was a bit disturbed over seeing Mama Joyce near naked, but once she finished getting dolled up, I couldn’t help but applaud Mama Joyce for bringing the sexy in her outfits. I hope she ends up finding what she is looking for

Phaedra, on the other hand, showed her secret weapon in the court room, which was basically personally knowing the judge presiding over the case. I couldn’t help but raise my eyebrow at her client, because he didn’t look like someone she would represent. But then again, if Phaedra represents ReDickulous then I guess anyone has access to Ms. Park’s legal services…

That was it for Sunday. Another new episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta aired tonight. Why? I haven’t the slightest clue, but the episode in question was far better than this one and the best of this season so far. Well… a close second to the ReDickulous episode.


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