Ranking All the Sharknado Films from Bad to Worse

Sharknado, a lowbrow masterpiece, became an unexpected blockbuster in 2013 and was immediately followed by five sequels. The series has become a cornerstone of SyFy’s original movie production, with a devoted fan base among B-movie lovers.

The ludicrous plot, produced by independent movie studio The Asylum and aired by the B-movie giant SyFy network, begins when a large typhoon sweeping along Mexico’s Pacific coast scoops up colonies of sharks heading north to Los Angeles.

So, how many Sharknado movies have there been? The franchise was finished with the sixth movie. So, if you’re one of the newer fans who want to learn more about each film in the franchise, here are Sharknado Movies in order from bad to worse.

  1. Sharknado 4

Credits: Sharknado

Sharknado 4: The 4th Awakens deviates from ludicrous satire into straight-up parody, especially with its Star Wars-inspired title. It is the first film that attempts to live up to the ridiculousness that these films are capable of.

Unfortunately, Sharknado 4 strives far too complex to please its viewers. As a result, the film depends on poking fun at pop culture references rather than the pure hilarious spectacles on which the franchise was developed.

Despite the novelty of venturing into science fiction, introducing such corniness to the already absurd results in the film collapsing under its weight. It was perhaps a touch too self-aware for its gain.

  1. Sharknado 3

Credits: Sharknado

The third Sharknado film, released at the height of the franchise’s popularity, was more blatantly comic than the earlier ones. This is the point at which the Sharknado franchise realized precisely what it wanted to be.

Sharknado 3 is a transitioning entry, following the same framework as the first two films while also embracing the lunacy of the subject. It reduced the subplot nonsense that no one cared about, shifted from tribute to satire to mockery in a matter of moments, and increased the violent shark weirdness.

It’s a chaotic mess that’s not as outrageous as it strives to be. Tara Reid’s April was crushed by a piece of a plummeting space shuttle at the movie’s end.

  1. Sharknado 6

Six films in, it was an exact moment for the franchise to say goodbye with a bang. Dinosaurs, a humorous drag queen, the American revolution, the wild west, and the future are all included in The Last Sharknado. It even goes back to the beginning of the frenzy.

Old names showed out to give the celebration a unique finale atmosphere, while the animators went to great lengths to throw every last humor they could think of before putting it down for good. The time travel idea adds to the ridiculousness while also introducing a new, creative dimension to the franchise.

  1. Sharknado 5

Credits: Sharknado

While the fourth film fought hard to win over its viewers, the successor seemed more focused on developing absurd gags that would make the Sharknado cast and crew chuckle. However, this movie has it all. The best part is that it hits all the right places at the perfect moment.

This is the point in the series where it fully embraces cinematic silliness, and it’s all for the greater good. It leads protagonists Fin and April on a globe-trotting adventure in pursuit of clues about a magical shark deity. The film’s take on an Indiana Jones-style voyage, teleporting from and to numerous sites worldwide, is incredible.

  1. Sharknado

The original seems practically old-fashioned compared to the sequels, as is often the norm with a long-running brand. It’s a barely realistic attempt to make a true B-movie, an opportunistic thrill ride with a bizarre premise.

  1. Sharknado 2

Like the original, the plot of this movie rushes and tries hard to keep people interested. However, what held back the film was their failure to generate any laughs at their misery. Not to mention that the movie wasted a lot of time on dull subplots.

Final Thoughts

Steven Spielberg’s 1975 film Jaws defined the aquatic horror genre for many years. Since then, shark thrillers have been compared to the classic summer blockbuster concept.

Then came Ian Ziering’s Sharknado Movies, which resurrected the genre as a festival of ridiculous hilarity. Unfortunately, the absurdity of the franchise resulted in an unbelievable number of sequels, each larger, wilder, and much more insane than before.

After all, Shark Nado is one of those films that is more of a cultural phenomenon than a cinematic experience. Nevertheless, everyone understands what the film brings to the table, even if only a tiny fraction of people have seen it from beginning to end.

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