Prince Harry Allegedly Attacks Kate Middleton Repeatedly in Upcoming Memoir

Prince Harry Allegedly Attacks Kate Middleton Repeatedly in Upcoming Memoir
Prince Harry Allegedly Attacks Kate Middleton Repeatedly in Upcoming Memoir

Credit: @theroyalfamily

The Harry and Meghan Interview with Oprah was undoubtedly the most exciting, shocking, and brow-raising moment of 2021. The world could not stop talking about it. Here is everyone’s favorite playful, fearless, hilarious, lovable prince and his new wife, the mother of his son, leaving behind his family and their royal ways for a ‘quieter’ life in the states. That ‘quieter’ life has put them in front of cameras and more in the spotlight than ever before, and it’s left many people with a bad taste in their mouths.

While the Harry and Meghan interview with Oprah was one thing, we have a feeling it’s the Prince Harry interview with Anderson Cooper that will rock the world. The 60 Minutes interview airs on Sunday, January 8, 2023, at 7:30 pm (provided Sunday NFL Football allows). In the meantime, here are some things we’ve learned from Harry from his upcoming memoir that shock us.

Prince Harry Discusses How His Sister-in-Law Made His Bride Cry Before Their Wedding

It is not exactly a secret that the world has always been in love with Kate Middleton. She’s elegant, beautiful, and lovely and always comes across as gentle, funny, and kind. On the flip side, the world is less sure about Meghan Markle. While no one has anything negative to say about Kate Middleton in the decades, she’s been with Prince William, everyone and their mother (including her own father and siblings) have spoken out negatively about Meghan Markle.

Everyone was so excited about the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. She did, at the time, seem like such an excellent addition to the Royal Family, but the fallout after their wedding has not painted her in a positive light – and that is just a fact. When she came out to say that Kate Middleton made her cry prior to her wedding, no one believed her. Not our beloved Kate. However, Prince Harry wrote about it in his memoir “Spare” and said that Kate was upset about the fit of the flower girl dress for her little girl, and she and Markle disagreed. The disagreement made Markle cry, and Middleton sent flowers and an apology the following day.

Prince Harry Allegedly Attacks Kate Middleton Repeatedly in Upcoming Memoir

Credit: @theroyalfamily

Prince Harry Discusses His Feelings About Kate and Meghan’s First Royal Appearance

While we always thought Prince Harry always got along well with Kate Middleton, it seems he decided early on in his relationship with Meghan Markle that this is not the case. Meghan Markle thought that the press wanted to pit her against her future sister-in-law, and she didn’t like that. She felt there was room for both of them, but Prince Harry felt that his sister-in-law was apprehensive. Now, he felt that she was uncomfortable around Markle. However, he does say that this is likely because she knew what was coming, and it was a hard pill to swallow.

“She was going to be compared to, and forced to compete with, Meg,” said Harry in his memoir. He felt that Kate Middleton was ‘on edge’ due to what might come now that he was engaged and another fashionable, beautiful young woman in the family. He feels that she was uncomfortable with the comparisons, and that is why she was not herself.

Harry Allegedly Discusses Kate Middleton Confronting his Bride-To-Be

Indeed, Harry’s memoir has not yet been released, but some copies have been released in Spain, and the world is going crazy. Allegedly, he discusses the time that Kate Middleton decided to confront Meghan Markle prior to her wedding. Markle allegedly told Kate Middleton that she had ‘baby brain’ and she was too ‘hormonal’ in the weeks prior to her wedding to Harry. She’d given birth to her third baby just weeks before – and those are very common things a new mom goes through during that time – and Kate confronted Meghan about it.

Allegedly, Kate – who has always been a very private woman – did not feel it was appropriate for Meghan Markle to discuss someone else’s hormones, and she made that clear. Harry said that the confrontation became heated and didn’t appreciate it. A source states that Kate made it clear that discussing her hormones is not something she should do, and Markle felt it wasn’t her fault and she did nothing wrong.

Prince Harry Allegedly Attacks Kate Middleton Repeatedly in Upcoming Memoir

Credit: @theroyalfamily

A Source Close to the Royal Family Spoke Out About Prince William’s Feelings

Prince William likely won’t speak out because that is how the Royal Family does things. They remain private and close-knit, but a friend of Prince William has already spoken out. “It’s impossible to exaggerate the extent of William’s contempt for Harry and Meghan now. He absolutely hates them and can’t believe that Harry would do this to him and to Kate. He feels utterly betrayed and deeply saddened by everything that has happened. There will be no way back after this,” said the source. While we cannot confirm this is true, we would not be shocked if it were.

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