OK, ‘The Matrix: Resurrections” Looks Pretty Cool

It might be time to eat some crow at this point, at least since the trailer to The Matrix: Resurrections takes a few steps toward alleviating any concerns that things might be a little too ridiculous to be believed. Of course, it’s wise to keep some skepticism in reserve just in case we happen to be seeing the best parts of the movie at this point since the trailer is a certain type of awesome. One thing that sticks out, well a lot of things stick out really, is that Neo appears to be more powerful to begin with in this movie than he was in the others. It’s fair to think that this is going to be explained in some way as the movie goes through the paces, but after seeing several new faces to the movie franchise one can’t help but wonder how similar this movie will be and how many astounding differences might pop up. The appearance of the blue pills that Neo, or Thomas as he’s called, takes and then dumps out is also very telling since it almost appears as it’s bound to happen that some people might wonder if we’re seeing a prequel that the later versions knew nothing about. 

Or maybe it’s still a movie set after the original trilogy, but again, no one is fully aware that this has happened more than once. The trailer gives a lot of action and exposition, but in a manner that confuses as well as reveals. What is kind of obvious though is that Neo is seeing the Matrix for what it is earlier on, and those that are trying to recruit him are doing roughly the same things that were done in the trilogy. The hope at this point is that we’re NOT seeing all the best parts of the movie, since an explanation really needs to be forthcoming to guide people through this story, since otherwise, it’s easy to think that it’s going to look cool but seriously confuse the hell out of a lot of people. 

It does look like most of the elements from the original trilogy will be there, but in a couple of the scenes, it really looks more like something from Inception than anything. What’s coming almost feels like it might be a huge buildup to something that various fans will find absolutely mind-blowing, and critics might find a little lacking in the overall feel of the movie since they might be judging it based on the original trilogy. Taking this movie as its own unique entity could be a little difficult for obvious reasons, but the fact is that it does appear to be taking the known elements and working with them in a familiar but different manner that’s bound to enhance the experience from what people remember. It’s still hard to think about, but a lot of those that might be looking forward to this are those that weren’t even alive when the first movie came out. Think about that just for a moment, and then it’ll be easier to realize how old The Matrix really is at this point. 

But no matter how it started it’s going to be interesting to see how it will be revived and then ended once again, maybe. The fact that Resurrections was even conceived makes a person wonder just how far this story is going to be taken once again since nostalgia has been striking fairly regularly lately and it’s easy to think that this might happen again in the next ten to twenty years if someone has enough ambition to bring the story up again. By that time though, it’s very likely that the original actors won’t be used again, or will be used for cameos if they’re still around and willing to make the movie work. For now though, the two main actors that a lot of people are going to be excited to see will be headed back to the big screen and HBO Max and will be taking on the machines once again, which likely means that the peace didn’t last as long as the Oracle thought it might, which isn’t too surprising really since humanity isn’t that great at staying out of trouble. 

So far, the next Matrix movie does look pretty cool, and there’s a big hope that things will stay this hopeful since a lot of people are likely getting excited at this point after watching the trailer. There are also plenty of people that are likely breaking it down frame by frame to see what they can tell about the movie by analyzing every little part of it. The almost feels like it would take the fun out of it but to each their own. Come December we’ll get to judge for ourselves how awesome the movie is or isn’t. 

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