Notable Jeremy Allen White Roles

Notable Jeremy Allen White Roles
Jeremy Allen White notable roles

Credit: Shameless/Showtime

If you’ve heard of actor Jeremy Allen White, it’s likely due to the actor’s 10-year run on the Showtime hit Shameless, a job the actor secured straight out of high school, but most recently, the actor had a lead role as the star on the FX on Hulu dramedy series The Bear, which just ended its first season earlier this year. Outside of notable Jeremy Allen White roles that some may immediately recognize, the actor has also had less notable roles that still helped cement his career. However, after watching Shameless, most may forever pinpoint the actor to the role of one of six siblings that must survive low-income Chicago daily, starting with the overbearing issues in their own home. Below, we’ve detailed notable Jeremy Allen White roles across film and television, as well as less notable ones that still helped get the actor to where they are today.

Shameless Lip

Credit: Shameless/Showtime

Jeremy Allen White

Jeremy Allen White started his career straight out of high school with his role as Phillip Gallagher, also known as Lip, in Shameless, as mentioned above, but what helped get the actor to Shameless, after a switch from dancing to acting, was taking up school at the Professional Performing Arts School of Hell’s Kitchen, Queens, New York after his parent’s move to New York. Before Jeremy Allen White was an actor with notable roles, his parents were each an actor as well but had given up their pursuits of having acting careers to support their family. Jeremey Allen White and his switch from dancing various types of methods such as tap, ballet, and jazz, was likely inspired by his parents and their previous aspirations to become actors. With such a strong motivator early in his life from his parents’ original intent to become actors, it was no wonder that Jeremy Allen White had his most notable role to date straight out of his high-end performing arts school.

Shameless Lip Ian Gallagher

Credit: Shameless/Showtime

Notable Roles on Television

As stated above, Jeremy Allen White may forever be most noticed for his role as Lip Gallagher in Shameless on Showtime. Still, he has had other television roles that are worth the recognition of the actor’s abilities. Although Shameless was the first notable role that Jeremy Allen White has had, as well as his first out of high school, the actor had worked before he had finished school in the realm of television. Before Jeremy Allen White was a cast regular on Shameless, the actor had three roles on other television shows from 2006 to 2010, and two of the three less notable roles were on two different variations of Law & Order, as it’s been a show notorious for showcasing actors before they’ve been notably discovered elsewhere. Before his appearances on Law & Order, Jeremy Allen White appeared on an episode of Conviction. As for the two Law & Order appearances of Jeremy Allen White, the actor appeared in two episodes of Law & Order and one episode of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. However, during Shameless, Jeremy Allen White only appeared in one television show, for four episodes, Homecoming, and one television show since Shameless ended, his most notable role since on The Bear, which has been renewed for a second season.

Movie 43 ibabe

Credit: Movie 43/Relativity Media

Jeremy Allen White Movie Roles

Just like his television acting career, full of somewhat notable roles, Jeremy Allen White started their movie acting career in 2006 with a role in Beautiful Ohio as a younger version of a character from the movie. Two years after Beautiful Ohio was released, Jeremy Allen White had his first notable role in a movie with, a supporting role in Afterschool, which starred Ezra Miller in the lead role. From his slightly notable role in Afterschool, Jeremy Allen White appeared in two other movies before yet another notable role, and possibly his most notable, as well as his first notable while filming Shameless, Movie 43. Movie 43 was a movie that housed massive talent across its weird format, composed of shorts that played in theaters as one united film, which included the likes of Chris Pratt, Anna Farris, Kristen Bell, Seth Macfarlane, Elizabeth Banks, and so many others. Compared to the many well-known actors in the insanely funny and twisted Movie 43, Jeremy Allen White was among the youngest and the least known. Since the release of Movie 43 in 2013, Jeremy Allen White has appeared in several lesser-known movie projects from 2013 with Bad Turn Worse to 2021 with The Birthday Cake. Beyond 2021, as far as his movie career is concerned, Jeremy Allen White has an upcoming role in You Can’t Win, which still has a release date to be dated, likely due to his involvement in The Bear.

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