10 Things You Didn’t Know about Nika King

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Nika King

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Nika King

Nika King is the kind of funny that makes you want to be her friend in reality. She’s a little bit of everything, but she’s exceptionally talented at all she tries her hand at doing. From acting to writing to improv comedy, there is nothing she hasn’t tried, and there is nothing she’s not good at. She’s growing her fanbase and her fame consistently with her excellent work, but her fans want to know more about her. Who is she? What is she like? How does she do it? It’s time to find out.

1. She is A UF Girl

We love this being Gator fans ourselves. She is a former student of the University of Florida Theater Program, and it shows. The best of the best attend UF, and she clearly shows it. She’s proud of her alma mater, and she is killing it.

2. She is a Teacher

We told you she does it all. Prior to becoming an actress, writer, and comedian, she was a teacher. She spent two years of her post-college life working on her teaching. She was a high school teacher – a job that is likely more thankless than anything, but also something that is beyond rewarding.

3. She Moved to LA

After she worked as a high school teacher for two years, she decided to move to Los Angeles to pursue her career in Hollywood. She knew she wanted to go into acting. She wanted to go into comedy as well, and she knew that this was something that her heart was set on, and she had the desire and the drive to make it happen.

4. She’s From South Florida

She might be a Gainesville graduate, but she was born and raised in the southernmost part of the state. Well, southernmost aside from the Florida Keys. She was born and raised in Miami, Florida, and she decided to head north to the north-central Florida area for college.

5. She’s Zendaya’s Mom…Kind Of

When she was asked to take part in a show called “Euphoria,” it meant taking on the role of a mother. She is the mother of two kids who is doing their thing, and she’s working hard to be a good mom, to support her addict daughter, and to keep her family on the right path. Zendaya plays her daughter, and it’s kind of a cool thing to get to say.

6. She Loves a Real Character

What she really loves about the character she plays on Euphoria – and all of the characters in the show – is that they are real. They are portrayed as real people, they are given so much depth, and people really seem to respond to that and all that it means for them as people. It’s a lot, but it’s something that she is happy to do when she goes to work.

7. She Loves Her Euphoria Cast

She is so happy to be able to work with them and the people that are outside of work. She loves them, she respects them, and she is someone who really admires and respects what they are doing at work and outside of their jobs. She finds that so appealing and so satisfying.

8. She’s Relatively Private

There is not much in her life that she is going to talk about if she’s not in the mood. She likes to keep things to herself, she likes to live her own life in private, but she will discuss things that she feels are interesting or appropriate. Don’t think, however, that just because she does stand up she’s talking about every single detail of her own private life.

9. She is Hoping Hollywood takes Her Seriously

With this role she’s taking on now, she’s hoping that Hollywood will begin to take her seriously as an actress. She’s always been the comedian, and it’s sometimes hard to get out of the little bubble you find yourself in when you do a lot of one thing. This is a dramatic role, and she’d like to see others start to see her as a multifaceted actress and talent rather than just the funny woman or the comedic actress.

10. She is Talented

She is so talented, and it shows. She’s going to have no problem finding that people will take her more seriously in this role than they do when she’s on stage. She’s proving you can be funny and still do dramatic work, and she is killing it. Keep watching her. She’s doing big things.

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