10 Things You Didn’t Know about La’Princia Brown

When La’Princia Brown was born, she did not know that her father was famous. She did not know that her stepmother was one of the most famous people in the world. She didn’t know that her father’s life would be in the press and in the spotlight daily her entire life. However, Bobby Brown’s daughter has grown into a lovely young woman the world wants to know more about. She knows now just how famous he is, and she is living his fame alongside him while also working very hard to maintain her own privacy.

1. She Has a Famous Father

Her father is none other than Bobby Brown. He’s famous for many things, but one of the things he’s been most noted for in his life is being the husband of the late Whitney Houston. Their marriage is one that had many ups and downs, including allegations that he was an abusive husband to the singer.

2. She Was Born in 1989

While she is technically an 80s baby, she clearly did not grow up in the 80s. She was born as the 90s were rolling in, and she grew up in those days. The year she was born is the year her father met the late Whitney Houston. It’s unknown to us if her mother, Kim Ward, was still with her father when he met Houston. However, we do know that her own younger brother – her only full sibling – was born in 1991 (he died in 2020), which is the same year that Brown asked Houston to marry him.

3. She is a Reality Star

The reason we know her now is because her father has his own reality show, and we are all getting to know the family of Bobby Brown. She is part of his show “Bobby Brown: Every Little Step,” and the world has so many questions about her (and the other six kids he’s had throughout his life).

4. She is the Oldest Daughter

Bobby Brown is a man with many kids. He has seven of his own, and she is not the oldest. However, she is the oldest daughter he has. She is also the oldest child in relation to her own full sibling. Her brother, Bobby Brown Jr., was born two years after she was born, and he sadly passed away in 2020.

5. She is Married

She married in 2021, and her wedding was featured on her father’s reality show. She married a man by the name of Eddie, with whom she has shared her romantic life for more than a decade. They were together since 2011, and they wed 10 years into their relationship.

6. She is a Blogger

She has a blog of her own. She seems to have been most active on the blog up until 2018, and we are not sure if she moved on to another blog area or if she is writing elsewhere at this point, but she is a woman who loved to share about her 2016 engagement and the wedding planning process.

7. She Feels Her Parents Set a Good Example

She did say in a long ago blog post that despite the fact that her parents were never married, they still both showed her unconditional love and support, and that means everything to her. She sees that as a wonderful example, and she hopes to live by that and to keep in mind that unconditional love is something she will also give to her spouse and to any children they may one day have.

8. She Overshares

She’s someone who shares too much, and she knows it. The problem is that she doesn’t realize how much she is oversharing until it’s too late and she’s already shared it. It’s a common problem, and it is not one she is alone in dealing with. She regularly does this, and it is okay.

9. She Loves Communication

In her own world – and in the world in general – communication is key. If you don’t say what you feel or what you want or how you expect things to go, you cannot be angry or frustrated or upset with anyone but yourself. No one reads minds. No one knows what you are trying to convey if you do not say it, and being a communicator is a good thing.

10. She is Looking for Authenticity

Something else she is doing in life is being authentic. She believes that being true to herself is paramount, and she is not wrong. Being herself is the most important thing in the world. She doesn’t want to be better or different. She simply chooses to be more authentic.

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