10 Things You Didn’t Know about Grace Africa

Grace Africa might not be a household name, but she is someone who is well-known by so many. She went viral with an online video that brought some serious fame and attention her way, and now she has a blue check mark, she has followers, and she is officially an influencer. She’s a rock star in her own right, and it’s time the world gets to know her a little better. Who is this online celebrity? She is someone who has so much to offer, and the world loves her – even when they don’t show up for her at her meet and greets.

1. She’s a TikTok Star

She went viral on the TikTok app, and things just sort of spiraled from there. She’s been providing the world with videos of her life that have people following along at a rapid pace. She’s been enjoying the fame and success she’s reached since becoming a viral sensation.

2. She is Nigerian

She’s Nigerian. However, she is not from Nigeria. She was born and raised in Houston, Texas. It’s where she’s been almost her entire life. She’s currently only 26, so she’s spent a great deal of time there already. She loves her life in Texas.

3. She is Verified

Her accounts online are verified, which means they have the little blue check everyone wants so badly. She has hers, and that allows the world to know that her account is her own account. She has more than 1.3 million followers online, and that is a huge number. It’s part of why she’s been verified.

4. She Had a Huge Surprise Recently

She was recently part of a meet and greet event in which her own fans were scheduled to visit with her up close and personal. It’s a great experience for those who like to meet their favorite online personalities. A chance to take a photo and meet with the person that you admire, talk for a moment, and really spend some time focused on being part of a fun crowd, and she did one. Except no one showed up. Not one person.

5. She’s Being Praised

One thing that is going well for her now is that her fans are all praising her for her ability to share the fact that no one came. Most people would not be willing to share the news that out of 1.3 million followers, not one showed up. She did, though, and she’s being lauded a brave for it.

6. She’s Close to Her Mother

She and her mother are very close. She called her mother when no one showed up at her event to tell her mom that she wanted to cry because no one came. It was a touching moment when her mother was completely shocked that no one came, and we feel the bond that they share.

7. She’s a Reader

When she is not busy being online and doing her thing, she’s a reader. She enjoys sitting down with a good book and a story to transport her to a new place. She loves a good book, and she doesn’t miss an opportunity to sit down and read one when she has the chance.

8. She’s a Comedian

If you’re curious to know what it is that the people love so much about her, it’s the fact that she is a comedian. Her videos are all comedy content that focuses on Africa and her heritage. She is funny, and her fans love to follow along to see what she will share next and how much it will make them all laugh. She’s got talent.

9. She’s Private

Even though she is a woman who is famous for being a social media influencer, she’s more private than you might imagine. She is just a woman who shares what she loves to share, and she doesn’t share what she doesn’t want to share. She likes to keep us guessing, and she likes to keep a few things to herself.

10. She’ll Have More Visitors

We think there is an excellent chance she is the kind of person who will be just fine the next time something happens to her. She will find that people come to see her and show up for her events, and she’s in good company. Many other influencers reached out to her and said they were also left alone without anyone to come meet her or join her meet and greet, and she feels much better knowing it wasn’t just her.

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