10 Things You Didn’t Know about Jenn Melon

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Jenn Melon

She calls herself ‘a bit too comfortable on the internet,’ but it seems to work for her. Jenn Melon does not hesitate to share the most intimate, painful, disgusting, embarrassing moments of her life with the world. While the TikToker might not find that everyone is a fan of that, it doesn’t matter because millions of other people love her vulnerability and her originality. She’s been the kind of woman who has done all she’s set out to do, and she is only 19. If you’re unfamiliar with the star, we want to share a little about her. She’s someone who is so much more than an internet personality. Social media may be the reason she is famous, but it certainly isn’t the reason people love her or the reason her life is changing rapidly.

1. She is a Cheerleader

One of the most fun things to learn about this young lady is that she was active in her high school. She was a cheerleader, which means she knows a thing or two about making sure her friends and those around her are happy, spirited, and having the best time. It does show in her work.

2. She is Young

She was born on August 16, 2002. As of April 2022, she is officially a young woman of 19, but she will celebrate her 20th birthday this summer. It’s a big birthday because it’s the first time in her adult life she won’t have a ‘teen’ behind her age, which automatically makes you feel so much more mature. She was born and raised in Chicago.

3. She is Close to Her Family

She’s especially close to her mother and to her brothers. They’ve all been spotted on her account more than a few times, and we think it’s adorable how well they seem to get along as a family. The family who has fun together is the family who stays together.

4. She is A College Student

As of summer 2021, she was officially a college student. She enrolled in her local community college to study. We may not know precisely what she is studying, but we do know that she wants to learn more about making content and being able to market herself as an online creator.

5. She Loves Comedy

The thing about this young woman is that she is hilarious. She’s a comedian. She wasn’t sure she’d go anywhere with it, though. Growing up, she knew that the stereotypes, the issues, and everything in between would cause her some issues in the business, but she’s finding her niche, and she is making it work.

6. She Has Health Issues

She spent some serious time in the hospital in 2020 because she suffers from digestive health problems. Her doctors struggled to find a solution, but even now they haven’t completely figured out what to do about her. However, this caused a lot of trauma for this young woman to spend that amount of time in the hospital during her teenage years.

7. She Struggles with Mental Health

As a result of her long hospitalization, her mental health has taken a serious hit. The worry, the fear, the anxiety, the intrusive thoughts – it’s hard for anyone. Imagine being a teenager in high school dealing with what she dealt with. It’s not a shock to anyone she struggles with her mental health as a result. That allowed her to find herself in the manner that she is currently sharing with the world.

8. She Does Not Do TikTok Traditionally

Her entire situation is a fun one. She doesn’t do TikTok traditionally. She doesn’t dance or do the sound thing or make things overlap. She says she’s too awkward to do it, so she just does things with a lot more originality than anything else.

9. She Can’t Sleep

Well, she struggles to fall asleep. Like so many of us who do have some anxiety, her mind races and falling asleep is often a chore for her. She has her best ideas lying in bed at night doing her thing and just letting her mind race. It’s almost her inspiration.

10. She Trusts her Gut

She’s rarely steered wrong by it, so she goes with it. When it tells her to do something, she does it. She’s been A-okay with that, so far, so she trusts her own intuition and she rolls with it. It’s been her jam for a long time, and she’s made it work for her.

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