Nicolas Cage’s Daughter, Her Mother, and His Other Four Wives

Nicolas Cage’s Daughter, Her Mother, and His Other Four Wives
Nicolas Cage’s Daughter, Her Mother, and His Other Four Wives

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Nicolas Cage’s daughter is due any day now. The actor made the announcement that he and his new wife are expecting a daughter – his first little girl – during the first week of September 2022. Essentially, he’s either the proud new father of a newborn baby girl or he is anxiously awaiting her impending arrival at the time of publication – we simply don’t know. We know that he’s chosen a sweet name for his little girl. He’ll call her Lennon. Lenny will become her nickname. She’ll come into the world as the celebrated actor’s only daughter, but she has two much older brothers. On that note, some people want to know more about Nicolas Cage and his love life. He’s had more wives than kids, he has a type, and fans are curious.

Who is Nicolas Cage’s Daughter’s Mother?

It’s a fair question and one we can answer. Cage is a newly married man. His wife is Riko Shibata. They were married in 2021, and they quickly became pregnant with their first child together. Some might say this is a quick and exciting way to start a new marriage, and they might not be wrong. This couple wed only two days after Valentine’s Day in 2021, and it was an exciting time for them. However, if you’re wondering about his new wife, you’re not alone. The couple did not date more than two years before their wedding, but even that is not a timeline we can guarantee. What we can guarantee, however, is that this marriage is already going far better for Nicolas Cage than at least two of his previous marriages.

Nicolas Cage’s Daughter, Her Mother, and His Other Four Wives

credit Vengeance

His Shortest Marriage

It was 2019. Nicolas Cage was ready to do something with his life, and he married Erica Koike. They got married in March 2019. Their marriage did not last, however. We mean at all. They were married for four days before the actor filed for an annulment. The annulment was granted a mere three months after their wedding date. We are not entirely sure what he was thinking about this one.

His Most Famous Marriage

This might be strictly opinion-based, but his marriage to Elvis Presley’s daughter was his most famous. He married Lisa Marie in August of 2002 and announced their separation in November of the same year. So, despite being married for a mere three months, this is not his shortest marriage. We should also point out that this marriage took nearly two years to officially end in the eyes of the court. The divorce was not finalized until May 2004.

Nicolas Cage’s First Wife

Before he was one of the biggest stars in the world, he was also the husband of one of the most famous actresses in the world. He married actress Patricia Arquette in 1995. Their marriage was his second longest marriage -s o far. They were married for six years. The couple filed for divorce in 2001. They have no children together.

Nicolas Cage’s Daughter, Her Mother, and His Other Four Wives

credit Vengeance

Nicolas Cage’s Longest Marriage

They do say that the third time is the charm, correct? His third wife, Alice Kim, is also the woman who was by his side the longest. They got married in 2004. They were married for 12 years. They filed for divorce in 2016. They welcomed their own son, Kal-el, in 2005. This is Cage’s second child. Kal-el is Nicolas Cage’s daughter’s second oldest brother. What’s most interesting about this marriage is that Alice Kim is more than 20 years younger than Nicolas Cage. The press loved that age difference.

Nicolas Cage’s First Child

Weston Coppola was born in 1990, the day after Christmas. He is Cage’s oldest son, but Cage did not marry his mother. His mother is actress Christina Fulton. Weston is going to be a big brother for the second time at the age of almost 32. He has two kids of his own who are officially older than their own aunt.

Nicolas Cage’s Daughter’s Mother is Young

If there is one thing consistent about Cage, it’s that the age of his wives keeps getting younger. Right now, his fifth wife and the mother of his daughter is only 26 to his 57. The press thought his third wife was young at just over 20 years his junior, but his fifth wife is officially 31 years younger than her new husband. However, the couple seems quite happy, and they are exceptionally excited about the prospect of meeting their new daughter, Lennon Augie, in the coming weeks – if they haven’t privately welcomed her already.

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