Apparently People are Terrified to Eat Popcorn During “A Quiet Place”

Apparently People are Terrified to Eat Popcorn During “A Quiet Place”

It’ll be hard not to give out any spoilers for A Quiet Place, but one thing that is obvious with anyone that’s seen the film is that people are absolutely terrified to eat anything too loud in the theater. That’s when you know a horror movie has had a profound effect on people and that it’s been done correctly. Quite honestly many horror movies are designed to make people scream even if the intent to avoid the killer or the monsters is to remain quiet in the hopes that they’ll leave and go seek mayhem elsewhere. But in this movie that screaming is what’s bound to get a person noticed, and then subsequently killed. But being afraid to even eat your popcorn during a movie means that the film has created an effect that hearkens back to the old days when theater owners would actually rely on special effects placed in the theaters to get peoples’ attention.

This is much, MUCH more subtle than a buzzer hidden beneath a seat however, as anyone in the theater that got buzzed in such a manner might very well be pulled down and have a hand clamped over their mouth just to avoid making too much noise. If the movie is that scary that a person doesn’t want to eat a snack for fear that it will be too loud then you know the film has done something monumental and worth the effort of going to see it. Obviously not everyone is going to heed the idea that they should be still and quiet when it comes to watching a movie, but perhaps those folks would be the first to go in such an invasion.

Horror movies are designed to scare, terrify, and gross people out. The many working elements that go into the stories are often enough to get people into the theaters out of sheer curiosity if nothing else. But engaging the audience on a more visceral level like this is amazing since it not only takes the fear level up to another notch, but it creates a situation in which the normal reactions to a threat will be those that will get a person killed. Think about it, when something startles an average human being they tense, they freeze, and when they are at their limit or learn what the threat is they will make some kind of noise. With creatures that are so attuned to sound that they hunt by it using echolocation, even a frantic heartbeat could be reason enough to come running like kids for the dinner bell.

This movie undoubtedly strikes terror in the hearts of people based on a very simplistic but basic level that doesn’t need a lot of embellishment since it takes people back to a fundamental level of terror that is absolutely horrifying for the fact that it doesn’t need so many extras. Some horror movie go all out on the details and the explanations, but this one seems to get by on the simple fact that if you make noise, you die. How many of us can honestly say that we’d survive in such a world?

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