Movies You Should See That Give a Glimpse into the NRA

In terms of the NRA in movies a lot gets overblown when it comes to think that the NRA really doesn’t care about gun safety and proper gun handling. Many movies would have you believe that holding a pistol sideways or firing two machine guns at once is entirely possible and looks cool while you’re doing it. But there are those movies that do more credit to the NRA and what it is supposed to stand for when it comes to proper gun handling and how things are supposed to look in movies. Those actors that produce the best gun-handling skills are usually those that are gun enthusiasts or possibly have a history of military service.

You don’t tend to see that a lot anymore.

5. Pale Rider

In terms of gunslingers Clint Eastwood has always been one of the best. Unlike the ill-fated Dark Tower that shows Roland emptying and reloading with superhuman speed, Clint knows how to unload and reload a revolver properly and has been doing it for many a year. It’s not always a flashy, quick process but something that requires a steady hand and the kind of attention one gives to something that’s worth the respect they give it. In Pale Rider he’s given one heck of a long time to reload, but at least it’s done right.

4. Die Hard

Bruce Willis is a gun enthusiast and has a lot of hours of practice behind him that make his work on Die Hard look a lot more realistic than people might have thought. For one, notice how his finger is never on the trigger until it’s time to shoot. This is a rookie mistake by a lot of actors that don’t have a lot of experience around guns. That’s one of the prime rules when handling any firearm, keep your finger off that trigger until you’re ready.

3. Enemy at the Gates

Snipers are a breed unto themselves when it comes to shooting and to the care of their weapons. They’re not the hard-charging soldiers that go racing in to engage the enemy. They’re the guys that lay back for a hundred yards or more and pick off the enemy one at a time while making them guess where they’re shooting from. Patience is the sniper’s best friend, well, second best. In this movie the care that’s given to the rifles and the skill that’s shown in the chase is long and drawn out, but it’s accurate at least.

2. Collateral

Tom Cruise has had a lot of practice shooting throughout his career. He’s learned the proper stance and the method of disarming and then disabling a person with a firearm as you can see here. Plus the guy holding the gun on him in a sideways fashion is kind of like the example of what not to do, while Cruise shows what a person should do in such a situation. Well, an assassin might do this kind of thing, the rest of us couldn’t really say without having been through it.

1. Heat

Once again you don’t fingers on triggers until it’s go time and even then when they’re running with their guns you’ll see them point them up at the sky or down at the ground at an angle. That’s good gun etiquette right there, and the fact of the matter is that they’re not just randomly spraying bullets, rifles like these have a kick to them. But there’s also the realization that they are aiming, it’s just that their targets have a good deal of cover.

These movies kind of exemplify what the NRA would like people to believe that they’re all about, minus the violence of course.

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