Does Negan Work Better As A Hero Or Villain?

Negan hero or villain

Ask any Walking Dead fan who the best villain of the whole series is, and they should say Negan. That goes for the television series and the comics. When the foul-mouthed, barbed-wired-wrapped-bat-wielding villain introduced himself in the comics in 2012, we knew he was there to stay. And not to mention, he wears the coolest leather jacket you can possibly wear. And, to cement his status as a villain to take very seriously, his first heinous act was executing fan-favorite character Glenn most brutally. That image of Glenn’s final moments will forever be engraved in every Walking Dead fan’s brain. And be honest, who didn’t cry when Steven Yeun‘s Glenn died in that chilling season 7 premiere? Of course, you did.

In that moment, Negan was probably more hated than The Governor. But if The Walking Dead would bring in another villain on The Governor’s level, he had to do something to capture our attention. Well, the new big bad guy on the block did exactly that, and he did in his opening act. And how about that monologue? Even without the excessive use of the F-word, something the comic version is infamous for, the television version still made us listen. He came to make a statement, delivering it loud and clear. And what separated him from The Governor is that he didn’t have to put on some nice guy facade in front of most of his followers.

He Remains The Best Walking Dead Villain

Everyone who made up Negan’s group, better known as the Saviors, was required to submit to him completely. Most did with total obedience, and those who didn’t were forced to. On top of that, his group was ten times bigger than any other group Rick had ever encountered. But while The Governor would have killed Rick’s group and been done with them, Negan basically made them his slaves. In a world where everyone already had to fight for their survival, being someone else’s slave sounds like a really miserable world to live in. And if anyone stepped out of line, Negan wouldn’t punish the person who did it but someone else. That was the “punishment” for any community who fought against the “protection” of the Saviors, leaving the communities no choice but to provide for them.

Negan hero or villain

During his time as the show’s main villain, Negan was Rick’s most challenging threat. Because of him, several communities were embroiled in a needless war that took many people’s lives. In the end, Rick made the controversial decision to not kill the leader of the Saviors. Even after the war, the influence of Negan still loomed over the surviving Saviors. This would still lead to some conflict with Rick’s people, and that ended with the supposed death of Rick Grimes. Of course, we fans know better, but who became the show’s new hero with Rick out of the picture?

Will He Ever Be Fully Redeemed?

Okay, you’re probably already saying Daryl, but there can’t just be one. There’s no Michonne or Carl, so how about a hero who we didn’t expect? Throughout the recent seasons, Negan has seemingly turned over a new leaf. After losing everything, including his followers, wife, and bat, and spending several years in a cell, the once ruthless mobster-like villain was forced to live with his sins. Once the diabolical Whisperers came along, a chance for redemption came for the disgraced Negan. There were moments when it looked like he was beyond redemption, but to everyone’s surprise, he would eventually help them defeat the Whisperers and earn his freedom.

But, of course, this would change once Maggie returned. Things got rather complicated after that. When those two interacted, we saw bits of the old Negan come back, but it was clear he had no intention of killing anyone else who wasn’t a threat to him. Tensions with Maggie would prompt Negan to leave alone, and he was a no-show. When he popped up again, he found a new group of survivors and a new lover. On top of that, his new lover had a baby on the way.

Negan hero or villain

As of now, his new family has given him a new motivation and purpose. Since the Commonwealth threatened them, his reason to fight goes beyond his own desire to survive, not to mention how he finally asked Maggie for forgiveness because of it. We’ll be able to see how their relationship unfolds in their upcoming spin-off, and his redemption arc will continue further. He began as an irredeemable villain, then a reluctant anti-hero, and now he’s becoming more of a hero. Which one is he better at?

Is Negan Better As A Hero Or A Villain?

Despite his heel turn, Negan will always be the archenemy of Rick and The Walking Dead’s most iconic villain. And when he was a villain, he was a maniacal one, but one who made us laugh on top of it. That was quite the unexpected addition in a world filled with flesh-eating walkers. However, seeing him work for his redemption even after everything he’s put the communities through has been one of the most intriguing character arcs in the whole series. And if you only watch the show, go see how it was done in the comics.

What are your thoughts, Walking Dead fans? Do you like Negan more as a hero or as a villain?

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