Nearly Half of Millennials and Gen Xers Don’t Watch Any Traditional TV Study Says

A lot of Millennials and Generation Xer’s aren’t watching TV by traditional means. I had to really sit and think about what that meant. Tradition of course is to sit down in front of the TV and watch whatever the networks decide to put on. But with the advent of technology and the wonder of streaming platforms many millennials have discovered that streaming and app sources are a far better and more reliable way to watch their favorite programs and movies. It helps that they can take the devices they need to watch their favorite shows along with them so that they don’t miss a minute. This is convenience at its greatest right now and to be quite honest it’s starting to get just a little unnerving.

It should be great. After all you can watch movies on your phone now and if you really want on a computer or on a tablet. But the problem is that what pays for all those programs is not getting the representation it needs. Traditional TV relied heavily on advertisers to pay the networks for the privilege of having their product advertised or somehow included in TV shows. If the commercials were to be abolished then a lot of funding would be cut to a great deal of programs since the networks couldn’t possibly afford to keep running them. That means that one of these days we’ll likely see even more ads and commercials online than we already do.

That’s a little scary really.

Unfortunately it’s a bit necessary since product placement is all well and good but it’s not enough of a wake up call to the public to tell them to buy these products that are being showcased. Advertisers are ruthless in their pursuit of the almighty dollar and want their fair share when it comes to the profits that come from allying with the TV networks. That means that eventually they will start to flood whatever market they possibly can in an attempt to get their point across and get their products sold.

It’s become so common for people to be on the move in this day and age that taking what they want to watch with them has become something of a necessity. TV used to be a traditional time to just sit with the family at the end of the day and enjoy the current  favorite that everyone happened to like. Nowadays however there are so many choices that even if this still happens those that possess one device or another are still able to watch what they want when away from the family.

Why bother sitting in front of a TV when you can take your phone or laptop or tablet with you and stream the shows you want to see while on a trip or in the office or just about anywhere? You can catch up on your favorites shows anytime and not miss a beat thanks to the technology that has made it possible to unplug while still remaining plugged in. I’d enjoy it now, before the onslaught of commercials make their way to your favorite programs.

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