Five Lessons on Love That We Realized from Re-watching The Vampire Diaries

Not all teen dramas are shallow and superficial in nature. Even though most storylines follow teeny-bopper romances, there are still a couple that stand out. Take for example the supernatural drama, The Vampire Diaries. During the past 8 seasons of the series, viewers have been taken on an emotional rollercoaster ride filled with different twist and turns. We have basically had our heartstrings tugged followed by our hearts being ripped out (pun intended!) time and again. The series also took character development to a whole different level. There have been so many key characters who had to go through intense transformations for the duration of the show. This worked well, as it created characters that were real and relatable, and led to events that viewers could reflect on. Here are five lessons on love that we realized from re-watching the famed series:

5. True love can make people change for the better

The series proved that there are instances wherein people are worth saving. Second chances may be hard to give, but are well worth it when the person it is bestowed on puts it to good use. The series began with Elena Gilber, portrayed by Nina Dobrev (The Final Girls), despising Damon Salvatore, portrayed by Ian Somerhalder (V Wars), who was the older brother of her then boyfriend, Stefan, portrayed by Paul Wesley (Tell Me a Story). The tumultuous relationship of the two characters took on a 180-degree turn when Stefan got kidnapped, which led to Elena joining forces with Damon to save him. This presented an opportunity for Elena to get to know Damon on a deeper level, and for him to develop feelings for her. Viewers witnessed a big shift in Damon’s character, as it taught him how to be more considerate of others’ feelings and how to sacrifice for the person you love.

4. You don’t really choose the person you fall in love with

The premise of the series revolved around supernatural love. It showed how the odds can be defied when two people decide to be together no matter what. In the earlier seasons of the show, Elena had no idea that the mysterious guy in class was a vampire, and finding out about this big revelation did not stop her from developing feelings for him. It was not easy at all, but both characters were willing to take the risk. They were able to face external forces that tried to end their relationship and also gained the acceptance of their friends and family members in the process. This says a lot about love, and how it gives you the courage to withstand the different setbacks thrown your way, if this means that you get to be with the person you love.

3. Time and distance are bearable if it involves the person you love

There were quite a number of instances in the show when Elena’s relationships were tested. She fell in love with both of the Salvatore brothers in different time frames of her life, and the complications did not end there. The supernatural world had a lot of antagonists who wanted to get rid of the Salvatore brothers one by one. Elena had to go through periods of time wherein she was unsure if her love interest would make it back alive, and this proved to be the ultimate test of her love. There were many times when Elena reached the breaking point, but love served as a constant reminder to bear all challenges no matter how difficult.

2. Love and loyalty come hand in hand

Apart from the epic love stories the series produced, it also centered on the brotherly love of Damon and Stefan (which even continued on to real-life!). The two may have had their fair share of disagreements and fights, but they always found a way back to each other. The two brothers clashed in many aspects of their lives, but they made it a point to always stay loyal to each other. When push came to shove, they would always risk their lives for the other, no questions asked. This was a testament of the deep love they had for one another. Sometimes, simply knowing that you have each other’s back is the only assurance you’ll ever need.

1. Connection can bring two people together, but emotional maturity makes relationships last

Elena and Damon may have had a rough start in their relationship, but their connection and chemistry were already evident from the very beginning. They had their petty fights and arguments, but there always seemed to be something undeniably brewing for the two. When their relationship developed into something more serious, it took a lot of effort from Damon to make it work. He tried to be the bigger person and be deserving of Elena’s love. This says a lot about commitment, and how you are willing to go through great lengths to make the person you love happy.

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