Which “Black Mirror” Episode Matches Your Zodiac Sign?

Which “Black Mirror” Episode Matches Your Zodiac Sign?

Which “Black Mirror” Episode Matches Your Zodiac Sign?

With no plans in sight for a 6th season, many Black Mirror fans have been left to binge their old favorites. The show, originally premiering in 2011, focuses on how technology will negatively impact our lives in a near future. Every episode of the series is a smash hit; so there’s no shortage of incredible stories to choose from. With this in mind, I’ve picked out the best episodes for your zodiac sign! While some of the episodes won’t be featured (as there’s more than 12!), here’s a quick spoiler warning up to Season 5. Now, let’s get into it!

Aries- “Black Museum”

Aries, to say you have a somewhat-fleeting attention would be an understatement. You love to keep things fresh and exciting in your life, while still focusing on the tight relationships that bind you. “Black Museum” serves you multiple different stories (so you’ll never be bored) that all tie together in the end. Letitia Wright is stunning in this episode (and you’re rooting for her the whole time), and it will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very last second. Plus, this episode has a really great finale that makes you feel good about what you just watched, even if it is macabre and eerie.

Taurus- “The Entire History of You”

You value independence and personal freedom, Taurus. You’re notoriously stubborn, and are most comfortable when paving your own way in life. “The Entire History of You” will prey on all the technological fears you are inclined to have (as one of the more adventurous and nature-oriented signs). With a device, cameras record every single moment of a person’s life, and they are able to rewind, almost like security footage for every second of every day. This one will have you freaked out, and thinking twice before picking your smartphone back up.

Gemini- “Hang The DJ”

You’re a romantic at heart, Gemini. You love following the feeling, whatever that might be. You fall hard and fast, but you’re also a professional at transactional relationships (you’re the twin sign, you can’t help it). “Hang The DJ” focuses on a couple who meets on a dating app, but the dating app gives them an expiration date for their relationship. This episode will have you examining past romantic flings, wondering if things were really all that bad. Not to mention, this episode has an ending that will appeal to your air sign tendencies of individuality and authenticity over superficiality.

Cancer- “Nosedive”

Cancer, you worry about what people think of you. You’re naturally a people-pleaser, and negative opinions from others can often derail your own self-esteem. “Nosedive” revolves around a woman who is trying to achieve a higher personality rating (think Instagram influencers but if everyone was judged on their attitude all the time). Everyone pretends to be kind in order to achieve this higher social rating, while missing opportunities for genuine kindness and connection with others. Remember to never stop being yourself, Cancer, no matter what everyone else thinks; authenticity is a strength, not a weakness.

Leo- “The Waldo Moment”

As a Leo, you take great care and pride into your appearance and social status (it’s just a fire sign habit). You can be confrontational, unafraid to fight fire with fire. “The Waldo Moment” follows a small election in a conservative community. When a beloved cartoon character starts to impede the election, the politicians start to unravel and show their true nature. You’ll be fascinated by the social experiment that happens in this episode, showing what hubris and greed can do to people (or what happens when you don’t take things seriously). Remember that sometimes, Leo, your best bet is to collect yourself before speaking.

Virgo- “Playtest”

Virgo, you love a good adventure; and you never stray from the true and authentic version of yourself. You’re not afraid of a little risk, especially if the reward for you is high. In “Playtest” we see a young man in need of a little petty cash, so he decides to sign up for a new VR video game trial. The game turns out to be wildly realistic, and completely turns his mind inside out. This is a good old fashioned Black Mirror episode, without all the lofty social and societal commentary that you really don’t have an interest in. Plus, the ending is literally crazy; trust me.

Libra- “Arkangel”

You’re incredibly dedicated, Libra. Often regarded as the ‘mom friend’ of the group, you are known for your responsible habits and care-taking nature. “Arkangel” follows a mother who volunteers her daughter for a new technological advancement; a chip that can locate and track the vitals of your child at all times. Obviously, this very quickly goes off the rails, even when the mother has the best intentions (as you often do). It’s particularly heart-wrenching, and you’ll empathize with the pain of caring for someone so much that they’re smothered.

Scorpio- “Shut Up And Dance”

This one was obvious, Scorpio. You’re the original tall, dark, and mysterious of the zodiac signs. You’re one of the world’s greatest secret-keepers, because you value your own privacy. “Shut Up And Dance” is about a teen boy who seems totally normal by all accounts. His computer is hacked by a virus, and some sensitive video is used to blackmail him into doing really terrible things. You’ll love the ending of this episode, because you love when people get what they have coming to them. Plus, it’s a huge twist, and it’s hard to surprise you; this will fulfill that desire for surprise, no worries.

Sagittarius- “White Bear”

You don’t take things too seriously, Sagittarius. You love a good laugh and enjoy being around people. Sometimes, heady and emotional topics can seem boring and a waste of your time. “White Bear” will keep you guessing the entire episode, while broaching a very sensitive and political issue (the death penalty and capital punishment). It’s an exciting and ever-changing way for you to assess how you feel about the prison system, and how our inmates our treated. And make sure to watch through the credits; you can thank me later.

Capricorn- “Hated In The Nation”

Capricorn, you’re the ultimate logician; naturally gravitating towards practicality and efficiency. “Hated In The Nation” follows the death of a journalist that ignites a media frenzy. You’ll enjoy the nods this episode makes to cancel culture, politics, and the danger of performative activism. As a Capricorn, you’ll love the more elevated and heady aspects of this commentary; dissecting every detail and clue until the very last second.

Aquarius- “U.S.S Callister”

You’re an odd bird, Aquarius. Much like “U.S.S Callister”, you are a noticeable departure from the status quo, while providing an extra layer of charisma and adventure. The story follows a Star Trek-esque format, with the first scene being a direct callback to the original show. You’re likely to love every nerdy Easter egg in this episode, and you’ll go wild for the strong feminist angle that this episode takes. Cristin Milioti stuns as an action-adventure heroine, while Jesse Plemons serves up a bone-chilling performance that will have you feeling genuinely uncomfortable. Strap in for this one, Aquarius, I promise it’ll be worth your time.

Pisces- “San Junipero”

Pisces, you are the bleeding heart of this group. You’re notoriously empathetic and genuine, even when some might call you ‘over-sensitive’. “San Junipero” is probably the most heartbreaking and emotionally charged episode of Black Mirror. The story follows two young women in a simulated oceanside party town, both of them finding themselves and falling in love with the other. The ending will have you crying, but in such a beautiful way. Plus, we get a really sweet ending to this episode, with both women finally deciding that they are ready to die. Have those tissues handy, Pisces.

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