What We Know about The Orville Season 2 so Far

What We Know about The Orville Season 2 so Far

The Orville is an excellent example of a TV show that met with a negative response from the critics but a positive response from the consumers. As a result, it should come as no surprise to learn that a second season is expected to start up on December 30 of 2018, meaning that it will be shown following Sunday Night Football before moving back into its slot on Thursday night in subsequent weeks. Furthermore, it should be mentioned that a fair amount of information has been released about the second season of The Orville, though for obvious reasons, this information is often either incomplete or no more than rumored for the time being.

What Do We Know about the Second Season of The Orville?

For starters, it has been confirmed that the second season of The Orville will have at least 14 episodes, though the exact number of episodes has not been revealed at this point in time. Furthermore, it is interesting to note that one of those episodes will be one from the first season, which was moved over to the second season for reasons that Fox has never revealed to interested individuals. Whatever the case, this means that interested individuals can expect a lengthier second season, which should come as welcome news to those who found The Orville to be worth watching.

Content-wise, the second season of The Orville is much murkier. It is safe to presume that the main characters will be continuing to explore the setting while the conflict with the Krill steps into the forefront of things from time to time. However, exact details have been in short supply, meaning that it is difficult to speculate too much about what that will mean. With that said, it has been stated that some of the main cast members will be explored in further detail, which should come as welcome news to those whose favorites didn’t get enough attention in the first season. For example, it has been stated that one of the upcoming episodes will be focused on Issac as well as Issac’s species as a whole. Likewise, it has been stated that The Orville will continue to explore Alara Kitan finding a place for herself on the ship as well as to a significant extent, in life as a whole.

What We Know about The Orville Season 2 so Far

In other respects, The Orville should remain much the same. For example, it has been confirmed that Seth Meyers is the one responsible for writing the scripts for the second season, which is wholly unsurprising considering the extent of his involvement with the project as a whole. Furthermore, it has been confirmed that a number of the directors from the first season will be making a return to the second season. With that said, it is amusing to note that one significant change has been made for the TV show, which is that the people behind it have tightened up their security regarding leaks as well as other potential spoilers. Previously, there wasn’t much attention focused on the production of the first season, meaning that they could get away with being somewhat loose in that regard. Fortunately or unfortunately for the fans, that is no longer the case, which is why they are now much more attentive when it comes to what their cast and crew members are saying about the production of the second season.

Progress is Being Made

With that said, while exact details have not been released about the second season of The Orville, it is clear that a significant amount of progress is being made. For example, it was confirmed that the sixth episode of the season finished filming in May of 2018, which was followed by a break for the cast and crew. Something that was useful because the lack of breaks in the first season created serious time pressure on them. Regardless, the second season of The Orville is on its way, meaning that interested individuals might want to keep a close eye on entertainment news in the next few months. That way, they will be informed as soon as more meaningful information is released, though if they are interested in less reliable sources of information, they should know that there are also plenty of rumors that can be found floating about out there.

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