The Five Coolest TV Show Teachers


School might be out for winter break, but that doesn’t mean you need to just sit around and throw darts at the teachers or professors who you’ve enjoyed half the year with so far–what kind of holiday cheer is that, right? While we wouldn’t be completely mad at you for sitting around and watching reruns of some of the best shows TV has seen–or the ones we just loved growing-up–here are a few TV teachers who you better hope somehow walk into the classroom when you return for a new semester. Here are the five coolest TV show teachers. Who knows how much you’ll actually learn, but chances are you’ll have plenty of fun.

Mr. Garrison – South Park


He might be a complete weirdo, but he finds himself on this list because he’s so relatable to at least one teacher we’ve all had in our academic careers. He uses a damn sock puppet as a teacher’s aid, and everything you think about him is probably true. That’s probably why he’s so appealing–though we wouldn’t have wanted to be around him before at least high school in fear he’d touch us in weird ways.

Ross Gellar – Friends


He was pretty awkward, making him an easy target for jokes, but that was also part of his appeal. Gellar might have spent plenty of time trying to convince people that dinosaurs were cool, but at least he wasn’t prehistoric in the teaching methods–which is always a positive when trying to stay awake during class.

Mark Cooper – Hangin’ With Mr. Cooper


Not only was Cooper smooth with the chick–helping you with your game on the opposite sex–but he was a former NBA player, meaning he’d also help improve that whack jump shot of yours. He was a PE teacher, so chances of letting him just letting you play the cool games during class rather than the dumb ones would be an extra benefit too.

Miss Bliss – Saved By the Bell

miss bliss

Anyone who dealt with a young Zack Morris is probably pretty eggs. In Miss Bliss’ case, she stood up to the sweet-talking kid, never letting down her guard in teaching him a lesson or two. Thought soft-spoken, she helped shape the characters as the show moved away from lessons learned through her and into the shenanigans the SBTB crew got into.

Will Schuester – Glee


We hate to admit that for awhile there was actually a time where we watched this show regularly, but the one thing we learned from it is that the glee club teacher was actually pretty cool. On top of having some talent and chasing down hotties of his own, he relates to his class by helping them get through the underdog stigma that naturally comes with anyone in the glee club. Millions of people can’t be wrong about the show though, so we just had to include him on here.

George Feeny – Boy Meets World


Though kids grow up thinking they’re supposed to dislike their teachers, in Mr. Feeny’s case, it was just about impossible. As a neighbor to Cory Matthews, Feeny often helped provide guidance to the young kid, then challenged him when he finally did have him in the classroom. He may have been a little condescending at times, but the dude was so damn smart and intellectual that we give him a pass for it. You can’t tell us you wouldn’t learn something meaningful from him.

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