Why You Need to Watch The Boys Before Gen V

The Boys’  spin-off, Gen V, was recently released, and according to early reviews, it’s everything fans wanted and more. It has the bloody, violent scenes, satire, and interesting storylines that will keep viewers eager for the next episode. While this Prime Video series is set in the same universe as The Boys, it focuses on new characters with superheroes trying to make the best of their situation. Led by Marie Moreau, played by Jaz Sinclair, this show follows students at Godolkin University for superheroes as they compete to get a spot on The Seven. 

Viewers won’t get a monologue explaining terms in this spin-off, like compound V, Vought, The Seven, or how all these students got their powers and society’s acceptance of superheroes. Viewers must watch the parent series, The Boys, for all this background information. While it’s not always necessary to watch the original shows before watching a spin-off, in this case, it’s better to watch The Boys to understand better the world Gen V is set in. Here is why you should watch The Boys before watching Gen V!

The Power of Vought International

Gen V (2023) Cast

To better understand the inner workings of Godolkin University and who is pulling the strings to get the most powerful superheroes into The Seven, fans need to know about Vought International and how far back their power goes. Formerly known as Vought American, this corporation is in the superhero business and takes it very seriously. Watching The Boys will give fans a clear picture of this company’s questionable practices and the measures they are willing to take to protect their image. 

In Gen V, these students are the first to grow up knowing that their parents willingly pumped the full of compound V to give them powers. Vought was behind this initiative, later revealed to the world in The Boys season 2. This news had far-reaching repercussions, and fans can see how it affected young superhero kids in Gen V. Initially, Vought intended to help the military fight wars using their superheroes. Gradually, they decided to use their supes to profit their company. They began creating merchandise movies and using their heroes to change the narrative about compound V to the masses. It worked mostly; the public hailed them as good heroes, not knowing who they were. 

Thanks to the boys led by Billy Butcher (Karl Urban), Vought’s spotless reputation is in the mud. The public realizes these heroes are just puppets for the powerful Vought, who will do anything they are told. With their stock value in decline and one of their most powerful heroes on trial, things seem to be going bad for Vought International. Vought’s hand is all over Gen V. They are likely funding and operating the underground operation of ‘the woods’ at Godolkin University. Compound V plays a huge role in Gen V’s storyline, and watching The Boys is the only way to learn more about its origins.

The Boys’ Characters Making a Cameo on Gen V

Gen V (2023) Congresswomen from the boys

One of the most interesting things about watching a spin-off show is being able to find connections with its parent show. In this case, what excited the Boys fans about watching Gen V was seeing characters from The Boys or mentioning what’s happening to these characters after the previous season’s events. It’s already been revealed that Gen V takes place between The Boys season 3 and season 4. So far, in the five episodes of Gen V, characters like A-Train, Vought CEO, Ashley Barrett, Congresswoman Neumann, and Soldier Boy are expected to make cameos in this series. 

The characters from The Boys aren’t the only thing connecting it to Gen V. Some storylines from The Boys also continue in the first season of Gen V. In the first few episodes, fans learn that Homelander is awaiting trial after killing a Starlight fan in The Boys season 3. Fans also understand that there are two open positions in The Seven because Starlight and Maeve are no longer part of the superhero team. Ashley’s hard work has also paid off from The last season of The Boys. Fans saw the toll working for Vought was taking on her mental and physical health that she was losing hair. Now, in Gen V, she is the CEO of Vought, but the stress is ten times more because she has to handle the problems at Godolkin as well.

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