NCIS: Los Angeles Season 6 Episode 17 Review: “Savoir Faire”

NCIS: Los Angeles Season 6 Episode 17 Review: “Savoir Faire”

NCIS: Los Angeles

Sam is back on the team in this week’s NCIS: Los Angeles after his latest brush with death. It’s not soon enough since the team is tasked with investigating the death of an Afghan soldier before an international incident occurs.

When an Afghan soldier, one of three training under the DEA and the DOD in the US, is killed, the NCIS team must play nice with others long enough to find out if the attack was random, a hate crime, or something more sinister. The soldier’s supervisor is found drinking the day away since she believes that the two other soldiers killed the first and that her career is over. The Afghan soldiers’ training officer sees the situation differently, thinking that the two others are actually in grave danger. He turns out to be right, as a terrorist cell is abducting these soldiers in order to get classified information that would disrupt the flow of money funding their terrorist activities. One Afghan soldier is proven to be abducted; the other is unaccounted for. Nell does a lot of digging and also theorizes that while both missing soldiers may not be on the run necessarily, the one they are after may simply not want to be found. Sam believes they are all true soldiers and has faith that they wouldn’t betray either the U.S. or their home country.

With one soldier dead and another already abducted, it’s a race against the terrorists to see who can get to the last soldier first. Luckily, it’s NCIS, and the missing soldier is more than willing to help find his friend, which they do. Sam doesn’t miss a beat being back at work, which he proves by profiling the soldiers rightly as just men of their country. This shakes Nell a bit, as she thought she had profiled the soldiers well in the beginning of the case, but turned out to be wrong. Hetty reminds her that both intelligence and experience are useful as an agent. Nell is already very good, and she has plenty of time to learn.

On the lighter side, not back a full day and Sam is already back in the swing of things, even talking stocks with Granger. Granger and Sam doing anything together is disturbing, and Callen is a little stung and territorial when it comes to his best friend. For every thing Callen likes, Sam likes the opposite. Not necessarily a bad thing because then you can order waffles and pancakes at breakfast, and that’s just twice as much fun. Then again opposites attract, so what’s the fuss? A twisted little game then occurs where Callen temporarily partners with Deeks and Kensi temporarily partners with Sam. Kensi and Sam definitely get more accomplished as talkative Deeks and silent as stone Callen don’t even really converse. Thus the results of the switch are hilarious, but I think we can all agree there’s a more symbiotic group relationship when everyone has their rightful partners.


– Nell and Eric keep getting cuter by the second.

– Who would think that hanging up on Hetty is a good idea?

– I actually sympathize with the saleswoman Deeks and Kensi question: there is almost no good reason to talk to someone before 7 a.m. on a Monday without coffee first

– Deeks’ monologues may be awkward but they’re always hilarious

Did you enjoy the latest episode? After Deeks’ monologue, who else would actually love to see him go back under cover as a lawyer?

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