10 Things You Didn’t Know about Nate Cabral

Nate Cabral is not a name you recognize. We know this, but we also need you to know that this is about to change. He is rumored to be appearing on the newest season of the Real Housewives of New Jersey, and it is all because his wife is the rumored new girl on the show. Her name is Danielle, and there’s a lot to talk about right now. They are friends with Teresa Giudice, they seem to have a lot going on, and they seem like they might make the most adorable addition to the show. Here’s what you need to know.

1. He Met His Wife in LA

He was living and working in LA over a decade ago when he met his wife, Danielle. It seems that she was there working on a career as an actress, but we are uncertain what he was doing. However, they met, they fell hard for one another, and now they are happily married.

2. He Got Married in 2012

When he decided to ask his now-wife the big question, this couple decided they would move much closer to home to get married. They didn’t stay in LA, but they are both happy that they had the time there that they had because it meant they got to meet one another and find their futures in one another.

3. He is a Father

His best and biggest accomplishment to date is that of dad. He and his wife have two sweet children they are insanely proud of. Their son and daughter are clearly their whole life, and they are so sweet as a family. They do a lot together, and they make their kids a priority.

4. He’s a House Husband

It’s not a common term, but can we make it one? Right now, he’s working on his househusband role, or so the rumor has started. It seems that his wife is one of the newest Real Housewives of New Jersey, which officially makes him a real househusband of New Jersey if we can make that a thing.

5. He Owns a Business

His business is a successful one. He owns a company that is focused on home security. It is called Flash Security Integrators, Inc. The company focuses primarily on keeping families safe and secure in their homes. He works with people in the New Jersey area.

6. His Wife Owns a Business

His wife also owns a business of her own. She runs a clothing boutique called Boujie Kidz, and it seems she’s also started another company. She now has a production company called Relatable Productions, though we are not quite sure yet what that means or what she’s working on.

7. He is a Baseball Coach

His main role in life is dad. He loves it so much he helps coach his kid’s baseball team. His son loves to play, and he does what he can to help out by volunteering his own time to coach alongside his son, the other coaches, and the other teammates they have on the squad. It’s a lot, and it’s something that they love to do together, and it allows them some pretty cool father/son time, too.

8. He is a Proofreader

When he’s not busy running his company or being dad or husband, he’s proofreading his wife’s blog posts to be sure she’s got her point across, she didn’t use too many curse words, and she didn’t make too many mistakes. It’s a job he does because he loves his wife.

9. He is a Reality Star

Before these two decided to head to Jersey and become housewives, they did another show on HGTV. They did a show that featured them working on the renovations they needed to do while they were working on their first home. It was a huge deal for them. They did not have kids at the time, but it was not long after that they began to have babies and a life and make things happen – and they’ve done a great job of it.

10. He is Happy

If there is nothing else we can say about this man, he seems like a happy guy. He and his wife seem really happy to have their family. They are actively involved in the everyday lives of their kids, and they do it without a nanny or other help, too. They are always there, and they are always working hard on what they want to accomplish, together, and it works for them.

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