Nancy Pelosi Leads a Not So Good “This Land Is Your Land” Rendition

Nancy Pelosi Leads a Not So Good “This Land Is Your Land” Rendition

Not only have Democratic lawmakers been rallying against recent Donald Trump orders, but Republicans have voiced their dismay for the administration’s recent policies.  However, in a stunning display of “unity” leader Nancy Pelosi tried to get a different rallying cry together.  In unison she tried to get a big group of people to sing “This is Your Land.”  While in practice this was a very patriotic and unifying thing to do, I think it’s safe to say that the effort fell just a bit short of being inspirational.  Check out the video below:

One of the nice things about the rallying cry is that the crowd was definitely pretty pumped up.  While I can sit here and poke fun, you still have to admire the enthusiasm and how passionate some people have been in the last 3 days.   But it’s just kind of funny to watch don’t you think?  I mean Nancy did a pretty decent job of getting through the first rendition but I’m not so sure she was expecting a second, or third, or even fourth.

I was waiting for the “you’re taking too long” Oscars music to start playing.  Hopefully you had a little fun watching this considering just how serious politics have been in the last few months.  Just smile people.  It’s good for you!

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