The Dangers of Drilling on The Curse of Oak Island

For almost a decade, The Curse of Oak Island has taken viewers on a wild ride through the world of treasure hunting. Each week, viewers tune in in hopes that Rick and Marty Lagina will finally uncover the hidden treasure that people have been looking for for centuries. Unfortunately, however, Rick and Marty have yet to make any major discoveries, but that hasn’t stopped people from watching the show – and it certainly hasn’t stopped the brothers from looking. While they have used lots of different search techniques over the years, drilling continues to be one of their go-to methods. What many viewers don’t realize, though, is that drilling can actually cause more harm than good. Keep reading to learn more about the dangers of drilling on The Curse of Oak Island.

Why Is There Drilling On Oak Island in The First Place?

If you’re like lots of other people, the world drill instantly puts an image of a power tool in your mind. When it comes to The Curse of Oak Island, however, there is a different kind of drilling at work. Throughout the show’s run, Rick and Marty have used different methods of drilling including sonic and geotechnical pattern drilling. The Lagina brothers seem to like drilling because it is relatively quick and requires less manpower than some of their other options. Although each type of drilling works in a different way, both methods make it possible for Rick and Marty’s team to uncover things that are buried deep below the ground. It is believed that drilling provides the best chance of finding the money pit and all of the treasure (and secrets) it holds.

Why Drilling Could Cause a Problem on The Curse of Oak Island

While it’s true that drilling has the potential to help Rick and Marty in their quest, it might end up ruining their chances of ever finding anything. By drilling deep into the earth, the Lagina brothers could actually end up damaging anything that may be hidden underground.  In a thread on Reddit, a user named Fine-Preference7339 noted that by drilling, The Curse of Oak Island team pierced a vault and damaged everything inside. Another user named FortCharles wrote, “I wish they would show some discussion of this risk, how they feel about it, what if anything they’re doing to mitigate it. They seem to avoid it like the plague. Tonight they discussed that 12-foot box-shaped anomaly and Marty couldn’t wait to drill it. Seems like if you have something that well-defined, it’s time to stop drilling and start carefully excavating.” Fort Charles also added, “They really need to start discussing more detail about their methods in these shows, and drop all the pointless filler to make room for it. I think people are hungry for that, and they’re misreading their audience. If this “box” is just a result of new wishful manipulation/processing/sharpening of a fuzzy area in fuzzy data in order to show a manmade object, that’s a new low.” Other users also shared the same sentiment. Many feel that the show needs to spend more time explaining the reasoning behind Rick and Marty’s methods because drilling just doesn’t seem to be the smartest move. That said, Rick and Marty are relatively new to the treasure hunting game, so it’s not that surprising that some of the techniques may not be the best. At the same time, though, they might want to start being a little more careful. If they keep drilling, they could easily ruin any potential progress they stand to make.

Will Rick and Marty Ever Find Anything?

Now in its ninth season, The Curse of Oak Island is still going strong. As mentioned earlier, though, Rick and Marty still haven’t found anything of note. Despite that, however, many people simply can’t stop watching. No one can say for sure whether or not Rick and Marty will ever find any real treasure, but the chances are looking pretty slim. For starters, they haven’t even come across much evidence to suggest that what they’re looking for is actually there. On top of that, the curse of Oak Island says that seven men must die before the treasure can be found. As of now, six men have died and nobody wants to see another tragedy be associated with the island. Even if all of Rick and Marty’s searching ends up being in vain, they’ve built a very dedicated fan base full of people who are willing to stay on the journey until the end.

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