Where is The Curse of Oak Island Filmed?

Where is The Curse of Oak Island Filmed?

Where is The Curse of Oak Island Filmed?

The idea of hunting for treasure is something that has crossed lots of people’s minds at least once. At the same time though, it isn’t a thought that most people would take seriously. The cast of The Curse of Oak Island, however, has turned treasure hunting into a legitimate job. Since 2014, the History Channel series has followed a cast of hunters as they search for hidden treasure on Oak Island. Although the cast hasn’t been able to unearth any signifigant treasure, the thrill of the chase keeps them coming back for more. It also keeps viewers tuning in season after season. Naturally, most people assume that the show is filmed entirely on Oak Island, but that’s not true. Keep reading to find out where The Curse of Oak Island is filmed.

Where Is Oak Island?

Before we talk about where the show is filmed, it might be helpful to know where Oak Island is. Unless you’ve seen the show or have a personal interest in treasure hunting, you may not have heard of Oak Island before. The island is located off the south shore of Novia Scotia. The island is about 300 acres and it has been privately owned for many years. In some ways, the island itself is just as mysterious as the treasure it supposedly holds. Although we know that The Curse of Oak Island stars Rick and Mary Lagina own a good portion of the island, there doesn’t seem to be any information on the party or parties that own the rest. In addition to their treasure hunting ventures, Rick and Marty also give tours of the island through their company, Oak Island Tours.

What Is Believed To Be Hidden On Oak Island?

The fact that people are willing to purchase an island and risk their lives exploring it should let you know that whatever treasure is allegedly hidden on Oak Island is worth dying for. The history of treasure in the area dates back to the 1700s when rumors started to circulate that William Kidd’s treasure had been buried there. There have also been rumors to suggest that Marie Antoinette’s jewels are hidden somewhere on the island.

Unfortunately, finding anything valuable on the island has proven to be a real challenge. To make the situation even more complicated, the island is allegedly cursed. According to the curse, seven men must die in search of the treasure before it can be found. As of now, six men have died on the island. Despite the gloom and doom of the potential treasure, hunters don’t seem to be dissuaded from searching.

One location on the island is of particular interest to hunters. Known as ‘The Money Pit’, this area is believed to be a location where treasure is sure to be hidden. Although some artifacts have been recovered from The Money Pit, none of them have been associated with the major treasure everyone is looking for.

Where Is The Curse Of Oak Island Filmed

Okay, let’s get down to the good stuff. The good news is that you’re not about to find out that The Curse of Oak Island has been bamboozling you this whole time. Much of the series is actually filmed on the island. At the same time though, Oak Island isn’t the only place where filming has taken place. According to Republic World, “filming location includes France and Scotland, where some parts of the series were shot in season 2 and season 5. It is believed that the treasure was moved to Scotland from France.” The article also goes on to say, “In season 2, the team filmed at Saltcoats, Kilwinning Abbey, and Rosslyn Chapel. Nova Scotia’s South Shore has a storied history of treasure hunting as well as being a popular destination for film and television production.”

Will The Series Return For Season 9?

The Curse of Oak Island is currently in its 8th season. The show is still going strong despite the fact that viewers constantly have to deal with the disappointment of failed searches. At the moment, there haven’t been an official announcement regarding the renewal of the show but there isn’t anything to suggest that it’s going to be canceled. With COVID-19 causing production delays across the entire industry, there’s a chance that there’s just a bit of a lag with the renewal announcement.

One thing that’s for sure, however, is that even if the show does end up getting canceled Joe, Marty, and the rest of the cast aren’t going to give up their search. Once you get involved in a treasure hunt like the one on Oak Island, it’s impossible to walk away until you simply can’t search anymore.

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