‘Marilyn 1962′ Adapted Into Mini-Series with Exec Producer Michel Merkt

Marilyn 1962 is going to be adapted into a 10-episode miniseries under executive producer Michel Merkt. The series will look at the famous actress and the last several months before she passed away in 1962, and just what was going on from the point of view of those that knew her. As a miniseries this could work since enough people still idolize Monroe that it could be a big hit if it’s done right. First of course would be to find a woman that is close enough in appearance to the famed star and is close enough to the same body shape. Monroe wasn’t muscular but she was elegant and in good shape, so whichever female star gets it, and there should be a fairly short list, they have to be able to match her physical attributes somewhat closely.

There are a few things I recall after reading about Marilyn Monroe a few times, and one of them was that her death was considered to be controversial despite the fact that it was supposedly an overdose. It was ruled that she didn’t accidentally overdose since it was found that the number of pills she took was well past the lethal limit. Conspiracy theorists have debated for years now as to how she really died, and some firmly believe that she’d become a serious problem for the wrong people and had, as a result, been killed to eliminate a problem. 1962 was the year in which her biggest health problems started cropping up, as she was eventually found to be mentally unstable. She’d battled depression for a good part of her life and was at that time just getting back into show business after another hiatus.

In her time Monroe was one of the greatest sex symbols that Hollywood had ever known. She was meant to be a great actress and a star unlike any other and to be quite honest she was. But her life was anything but easy as she had to deal with a good number of problems, personal mostly, that kept her from being completely happy at all times. The miniseries might want to go into just why she was so depressed and possibly take a few looks at her earlier years to get a better perspective on why she was who she was.  Whether they’ll do that or not isn’t known and it isn’t in our control anyway. It’s just a hope that a Hollywood icon will get whatever fair treatment she deserves when it comes to being represented on TV.

For such a legend as Marilyn Monroe the show will have to be something unique and ultimately very special to do her any justice. Her life was something extraordinary even with the stress and problems that came with it. I’ve never been the biggest Marilyn Monroe fan in my life but I can say for certain that if her story isn’t done to near perfection at least then a lot of people will have something to say about it.

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