Is Megyn Kelly in Danger of Losing her Job Yet?

Is Megyn Kelly in Danger of Losing her Job Yet?

At the moment, Megyn Kelly is the host of Megyn Kelly Today, which is the third hour of NBC’s Today that runs from 9AM to 10AM. Unfortunately, it seems that the new talk show has not been performing well, as shown by the fact that its numbers are 32 percent lower than those of its predecessor when compared on a year over year basis. Even worse, it is clear that Megyn Kelly Today is having a negative impact on Today with Kathie Lee and Hoda, seeing as how its numbers have fallen by 26 percent as well. Summed up, Megyn Kelly has been bringing down Today as a whole, which has caused some people to wonder whether the executives at NBC have started searching for a potential replacement or not.

Why Is Megyn Kelly Doing So Badly?

Primarily, Megyn Kelly Today seems to be under-performing because it is still unclear about what it is supposed to be. As a result, its episodes can consist of a wide range of segments meant for a wide range of viewers, which is problematic because that lessens its appeal for each segment and in some cases, can outright alienate some segments who might not respond so well to material meant for others. This is a serious problem because it makes the talk show less attractive for publicity firms and other companies that might be interested in promoting either someone or something, which is supported by stories that celebrities are not so eager to show up on Megyn Kelly Today. Unfortunately, since the people who watch Today are often interested in seeing celebrities in between segments targeting their particular concerns and interests, this can be seen as something of a vicious cycle.

With that said, there are other reasons that celebrities have not been so eager to show up on Megyn Kelly Today as well. For example, she managed to alienate Debra Messing with a not so well chosen joke about someone’s sexual orientation, which was followed by her alienating Jane Fonda with a not so well chosen question about said actress’s reluctance to discuss the subject of plastic surgeries. Furthermore, there are stories that some publicity firms have been hesitant because of Megyn Kelly having come from Fox News, which makes interactions more than a little bit awkward because of how polarized the media has become in recent years. Finally, there are some people who have been putting some of the blame on NBC for choosing a format that fails to play to Megyn Kelly’s strength as an aggressive interviewer rather than a talk show host, which could explain some of the stiffness that some of the reviewers have mentioned for Megyn Kelly Today.

Is Megyn Kelly In Danger of Losing Her Job?

At this point in time, it seems probable that Megyn Kelly is not in danger of losing her job. After all, some changes in the numbers are expected when a new talk show with a new host starts up because no production can find its feet right away. For that matter, it is not unreasonable to believe that Megyn Kelly as well as the rest of the team behind Megyn Kelly Today will improve as time passes, particularly since they seem to be receiving a fair amount of support from the rest of NBC. Still, there is a limit to corporate patience, meaning that the issue of a potential replacement will come up should the current trend continue for months and months without sign of improvement.

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