Frank Gallagher: The Shameless Anti-Hero We Can’t Help but Love

Frank Gallagher: The Shameless Anti-Hero We Can’t Help but Love

Frank Gallagher: The Shameless Anti-Hero We Can’t Help but Love

Frank Gallagher: The Despicable Yet Irresistible Anti-Hero

It’s an undeniable fact that Frank Gallagher is one of the most detestable characters in the realm of television. What’s truly remarkable is how a man who can be so repugnant in the eyes of society manages to be adored by a massive fan base, myself included. One of the reasons we can’t help but love Frank Gallagher is because every action and word that comes from him is a conscious choice. He’s a drug addict by choice. He defies society by choice. His actions are deplorable, but they are entirely his own, and Frank owns up to them without wavering, even if it means jeopardizing his health, family, or anything else we might consider valuable.

Frank’s Unapologetic Outlook on Society and Humanity

There’s no better example of Frank expressing his true attitude towards society and being a human being than during his conferences at his children’s schools. These are the moments when the writers of Shameless truly excel at their twisted craft, justifying all the wrong that is Frank Gallagher. And yet, when you hear him speak, you can’t help but agree with him to some extent. As twisted as his words may be, he always employs sound logic to make his points.

In Season 6, Frank delivers a speech about freedom that perfectly encapsulates his character. I’ll let the clip speak for itself:

Why We Can’t Help but Love Frank Gallagher

Frank Gallagher is the epitome of an anti-hero. He’s a character who consistently makes morally questionable decisions, yet we can’t help but root for him. His unapologetic nature and twisted logic make him a fascinating character to watch, and his antics never fail to entertain. Despite his many flaws, Frank remains true to himself, and that’s something we can’t help but admire.

So, why do we love Frank Gallagher? Perhaps it’s because he represents a part of ourselves that we keep hidden, a part that defies societal norms and expectations. Or maybe it’s because he’s a reminder that even the most despicable individuals can have moments of clarity and wisdom. Whatever the reason, Frank Gallagher has secured his place as one of television’s most unforgettable anti-heroes, and we can’t help but love him for it.

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