If Those “Real People” Chevy Commercials Were Real Life

You know those annoying Chevy commercials that say “Real people, not actors” at the beginning?  The “real people” are taken into this giant garage where they are bombarded by this host wearing a suit.  He then proceeds to ask them a series of questions and through the course of the commercial there are these big “reveals” where a Chevy car will come out of the ground or a panel in the room opens and you get to see some kind of car utopia.

As many of us know these rooms do not exist nor are the Chevy cars advertised in these commercials the universal panacea our friendly host makes then out to be.  It makes you question the whole “real people” angle.  So what if these commercials actually took place in the real world?  What do you think would happen?  Well, I’m glad you asked because the “Zebra Corner” Youtube channel decided to put together a video showing exactly what would happen if these commercials were real life.

Enjoy the spot below:

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