Ms. Marvel: “Seeing Red” Recap

As new as Kamala Khan is to the superhero life, and she’s about as green as anyone can be, she’s not doing too bad, especially since she’s working mostly on instinct and maybe a few ideas of how to throw a punch. The power inside of her is making a bigger and bigger appearance with each new episode as she and her mother make their way to Karachi to reunite with Kamala’s grandmother, who knows more than she’s letting on obviously, even if she doesn’t say as much since it appears to upset Kamala’s mother. As the story goes along this is explained at least a little more as the dimension that the Clandestine, including Kamala’s great-grandmother, came from, the audience gets to learn how the known universe could be erased if the group is allowed to have their way. After meeting the Red Dagger during a personal mission at the train station, Kamala is given just enough information to settle her opinion of the Clandestine, at least for now. It’s kind of interesting to see that Karachi has such a high opinion of Ant-Man judging by the mural that Kamala sees on a wall. Maybe Scott Lang is the linchpin for Phase 4? 

In any case, the jailbreak made by the Clandestine was kind of expected, as was the fact that they left Kamran behind since he did make his stance known. It doesn’t make their abandonment of him any less brutal, but it does make it clear that they’re determined to cut loose anyone that isn’t going to help them achieve their goal. But the speed with which they escape and make their way to Karachi is impressive, especially since they appear to know just where to go. It could be that the story is simply moving along in a manner that won’t challenge the fans too much, or it could be that it might need to be a movie to take in everything, but the confrontation that people were no doubt hoping for manages to happen in this episode. 

What’s interesting is that a group of trained immortals is having such an issue with two people far younger than they are. Between Kamala’s power and the Red Dagger’s skill, they’re a formidable pair, but against a group of immortals, it’s fair to think that they should have had a little more trouble. But then again, the power within Kamala is still building and it could be that the Clandestine wasn’t expecting this, which would explain how she’s still on her feet and capable of moving forward. It’s kind of amusing to think that Kamala’s mother is so adamant when speaking to her own mother about the theories and the fact that her father left the family so long ago, and that she needed a change, and so on. If she had an inkling that Kamala was doing half of the stuff she was doing, it’s easy to think that her reaction wouldn’t be as calm as it’s been thus far. Seriously, this woman appears insanely tough to rattle. But it could have something to do with her mother’s general attitude and whatever happened in her younger years. Whatever the cause is, she’s easily irritated, but otherwise unflappable, at least for now. 

As for Kamala, it’s not tough to think that she’s just getting from point A to B to find out what’s going on with the bangle she’s wearing and how she’s going to continue to evade or deal with the Clandestine in the next episode. With the Red Dagger she’s done well enough at this point, but the moment the episode came to an end, Kamala was stuck firmly in a past that she didn’t recognize, in a place that obviously has some meaning seeing as how the mass exodus going on is bound to have a lot to do with the story. How far things will go at this point is hard to say though, since it sounds as though the cast and crew are ready and willing to come back for a season 2. But at the moment it does feel as though waiting to see what happens would be the best idea. 

In the meantime, learning more about the Clandestine and what happened during the fight near the end of the episode is going to keep people occupied for the next week, since plenty of fans are likely going to fall back on the comics to explain as much as possible. That’s pretty normal to be fair since this can be used to predict the many MCU shows and movies that have come along in the last several years. True, a lot of them have been a bit different than the stories they’re derived from, but it’s also fun to see when the predictions are proven to be right. On that note, it’s a smart idea to at least skim a Ms. Marvel comic before each episode to see what might possibly happen. 

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