Ms. Marvel: “Destined” Recap

Ms. Marvel: “Destined” Recap

At least now we have an idea of who Ms. Marvel is going to be facing off against for the rest of the season since it was kind of a big question mark over the past two episodes. But it does feel as though giving Kamala the room to stretch and show her home life, as well as her ambitions, was a smart move as it’s allowed the viewers to connect with her on a much deeper level than they might have had she jumped right into the action. But now, with the Clandestine announcing themselves and their intentions to return to their own dimension, it’s become necessary for Kamala to step it up and learn how to use the bangle that’s unlocked her potential. The initial look into the past and at how the bangle was found, and that there were supposed to be two of them, was kind of nice since it gives a little more backstory on what’s going on, and helps people to invest in the story a little more. But when the leader of the Clandestine, Najma, decides to stop being nice and crashes the wedding of Kamala’s brother, it becomes clear that they’re not kidding around. 

In a way, the Clandestine’s actions do feel a little bit over the top, but given that this is a Marvel story it feels like a natural way to make things progress. The fight that leads through the hotel is actually rather impressive since it shows Kamala using her power in a way that’s a lot of fun and yet incredibly defensive since it’s obvious that she’s not quite ready to go on the offensive with seasoned fighters that are bound to overwhelm her at some point. But to give her credit where it’s due, Kamala can use her power to great effect in her own defense, and that of others in this fight. Even Bruno attempts to get in on the action, but it’s not at all surprising that he would be taken out with one hit. 

Kamran’s decision to stand against his mother and her companions is uplifting since it shows that he’s not bound to follow his mother’s desire to return to her home dimension at the expense of another person’s life. His fighting skills appear to be just good enough to keep up for a few moments, but considering that the Clandestine members are well over a century old, if not older, it wasn’t too surprising to see that Kamran would be rendered unconscious at some point. Kamala’s ability to escape as the rest of the group was being subdued however was a blessing and a curse, since Nakia, who is a decent character but also kind of irritating at times, managed to see Kamala using her powers, and is now up in arms regarding the fact that Kamala didn’t bother to tell her that she’s the super-powered young woman that so many people are talking about. The fact that the agency looking for Kamala entered the mosque where Nakia was attempting to become a board member didn’t exactly help her mood, but in a big way, it does feel that Nakia might be a bit of a drama queen at this point. She has her reasons to be certain, but it’s still kind of a typical part that one could have guessed would be included. 

One thing about this show thus far is that it has introduced a great deal of culture to the MCU, and the dance number during the wedding was kind of nice since it put a great deal of personality into the story and spoke volumes of how close Kamala’s family really is. It was worth a laugh when listening to the family speak of the superhero in the neighborhood, especially when Kamala’s mother spoke of how the hero’s mother should be ashamed of how she raised her. One can’t help but pull for Kamala when her parents start digging into her, but from another perspective, it does feel as though she should simply come out with the secret and hope for the best. But the way things stand now, it looks as though she attempted to sabotage her brother’s wedding by pulling the fire alarm to keep her family from being harmed, though none of them realize this at the moment. 

So far this story is going as one might have expected since Kamala’s life is becoming complicated as she and finds that she’s being alienated from her family at the same time. There’s still plenty of the season left for her to get back to level and hopefully explain to her family what’s going on, but how she’s going to go about this will no doubt be kind of interesting, to say the least. 

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