Preview – Mad Magazine’s Game of Thrones Edition

Preview – Mad Magazine’s Game of Thrones Edition

The June edition of Mad Magazine takes aim at HBO’s Game of Thrones, featuring a cover that depicts Alfred E. Neuman on an entirely different kind of ‘throne’. Behind him, among the familiar swords are a few new implements of destruction: a lawn rake, a sewer pipe, a switchblade, a fork, a spoon and a three eyed crow.
Inside, the lampooning begins with author George R.R. Martin in minstrel form singing an introduction to the various plot points and characters of Game of Thrones, beginning with himself: “My name is George R.R., I’;; sing you a tale beyond convoluted — a true epic fail! I wrote all the books, and that’s to my credit. The only thing I can’t do is edit! Do you argue onle? Own some nine-sided dice? Hello, target audience! Read my books twice! HBO was intrigued by the rich, detailed cities…, oh who am I kidding, they just liked the ….” and you get the point.
Other choice lines include “Queen Surly’s young blonde son is also her newphew, And if you were wondering, her answer is F.U.” plus “Wolt Dropo will jab a sword into your vitals. But even more painful, there’s always subtitles!”
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