10 Movies that Feature People with Damaged/Strange Eyes

Amazingly this is something that’s accepted as being just part of the movie, which it should, even though it’s interesting to think of why a character’s eyes would be affected for one reason, and how this might affect them in turn. There are quite a few characters in the movies that have something wrong with their eyes or have something that’s out of the norm. In some cases, it could be that their eyes are damaged in some way, but in others, it could be that whatever is replacing or serving as an eye could have a strange ability or power. The point is that when messing around with a character’s eyes it’s kind of interesting to at least give some frame of reference since it’s usually intriguing to learn why a character looks the way they do, and when it comes to one of the more noticeable traits they possess, it goes a long way toward helping the audience to understand them.  Here are a few of the best characters with damaged or strange eyes in movies. 

10. Nick Fury – Avengers

Up until Captain Marvel people simply assumed that Fury lost his eye while in battle or in some other violent manner. Some even made jokes about as was expected. But when learning that he eventually lost his eye to a scratch from a Flerken, Goose, in other words, it kind of ruins the whole mystique of his character, at least in this regard. Thankfully he’s a more complicated character, otherwise, this story might derail his reputation just a bit. 

9. Cable – Deadpool 2

The story goes that Cable could be the most powerful mutant ever if not for the techno organic virus that’s been ravaging his body for so long. Whether this has hampered him or that he’s had to keep his mental focus on the virus for so long, this has been why he’s incapable of releasing his full potential. But that hasn’t stopped him from being a badass to be sure. 

8. Dr. Weir – Event Horizon

It was hard to like Dr. Weir from the beginning of this movie since he came in acting like a troubled individual that felt way too closed off and separated from everyone. But as the movie wore on he became even worse since being on the Event Horizon was like a drug for him, and he fell headlong into it, even mutilating himself as per a hallucination. 

7. Cyclops/Scott Summers – X-Men 2: X-Men United

As one of the founding members of the X-Men, Cyclops has been around for quite some time and has learned how to use his deadly sight to the greatest extent as he can use his optic beams to create a wide swath of destruction or to pinpoint a much smaller target. The guy’s control is amazing, but without his glasses or his visor, he’s essentially blind since he can’t open his eyes without opening a hole in something or someone. 

6. Alastor Moody – Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire

Moody turned out to be one of the more interesting professors at Hogwarts, despite the fact that the one used in the movie is an imposter. It would have been interesting to see how the really Moody would have fit in when it comes to the movies since he might have been far more strict.

5. Bill Cutting – Gangs of New York

Think about this: Bill cut his eye out because he looked away from Priest Vallon after he was beaten. He took HIS OWN EYE out and sent it to Vallon because he couldn’t stand to look him in the eye. Later on, he came back and ended Vallon’s life in an old-fashioned melee, but the fact is that Bill was insanely tough and just plain old insane in this movie. 

4. The Children – Village of the Damned

It’s frustrating and kind of irritating when a normal kid without powers gets mad, but it’s downright dangerous to anger these kids since it can happen without warning since they perceive any wrong movement as a threat. When their eyes flash green it’s bad enough, but when they flash red and then white, you know things are about to get violent. 

3. Bughuul – Sinister

It feels like putting regular eyes in this creature’s head wouldn’t have been as effective since it might have taken something off, meaning that Bughuul would have lost an edge to his appearance in some crucial way. But the blank dark spaces where eyes should have been are terrifying since being able to look into someone or something’s eyes is usually preferable in any case. 

2. Riddick – Pitch Black

There have actually been people that have wondered if they could get a surgical shine job on their eyes in real life. Yes, go ahead and roll your eyes because it is pretty ridiculous. It would give a person a huge advantage, at least until the first sunny day when the effect would blind a person if they didn’t have dark enough glasses. 

1. Kaecilius – Doctor Strange

It would appear that doing something to the eyes of a character that Mads Mikkelsen is playing was the popular thing to do for a while. That’s kind of ended thankfully or at least isn’t a continuing trend, but during his time in Doctor Strange, it was kind of an odd look. 

The eyes are the window to the soul, but whatever happens to them or around them is kind of like a disclaimer. 

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