The 20 Most Hated Anime Characters of All-Time

The 20 Most Hated Anime Characters of All-Time

The 20 Most Hated Anime Characters of All-Time

Characters, like people in real life, tend to be complex. As a result, they aren’t always likable. In fact, some of the most memorable characters of all time are haven’t been the easiest to like. Over the years, there have been countless anime characters that have rubbed people the wrong way for various reasons. Whether it’s because they’re genuinely evil or just constantly making poor decisions, these characters won’t be making anyone’s list of favorites any time soon. While it’s true that some of these characters may have simply been misunderstood, that doesn’t change the way the audience feels about them. The anime world in particular has had more than its fair share of characters that fans have grown to dislike. Keep reading for the 20 most hated anime characters of all time.

20. Pariston Hill

Let’s be real, if there’s one thing most people don’t like it’s a know it all, and that’s exactly what Parison Hill is. On top of that, the sly smirk he usually has on his face doesn’t help his case either. While there might be some people out there who enjoy him as a character, he isn’t a fan favorite by any means.

19. Akainu

There are lots of villains in the anime world who are likable, but Akainu isn’t one of them. In a Reddit thread, several fans explain why they hate Akainu so much. One user, lesbiannami, wrote, “akainu’s notions of justice aren’t just extreme, theyre also f**ked up in lots of ways. he sees certain people as deserving execution simply because of their family history…on top of that, he sees nothing wrong with the world nobles enslaving people, or at least that he thinks its none of his concern. and he once destroyed an entire ship carrying oharan people just because of the possibility of one of them being a poneglyph scholar. he sees all criminals as inherently evil and fails to see any humanity in them. and lastly, he manipulated a WB pirate into attacking his own boss by telling a lie about WB planning to betray his crew.”

18. Babidi

Over the years, there have been lots of villains in Dragon Ball Z that have become especially well-known among fans and Babidi is one of them. At the same time, though, Babidi has never been particularly likable. Babidi isn’t just a bad guy, he’s one of the worst and there isn’t anybody he’s afraid to kill.

17. Asta

Asta is an interesting character because there are probably a lot of people out there who don’t hate him – at least not anymore. When Asta was first introduced in Black Clover he was a little on the annoying side. Over time, though, Asta became the kind of character who grew on lots of people.

16. Rachel

On the surface, Rachel seems like the type of character that people should like, but there’s just something about her that has the opposite effect on people. The truth is that there isn’t really anything unique about Rachel’s character which is probably why people hate her.

15. Minoru Mineta

There are some people who think Minoru Mineta is cute, but there are lots of other people who find him creepy. Either way, Minoru Mineta and his pervy nature rub almost everyone the wrong way. Not only does he have a bad reputation among the rest of the characters in My Hero Academia, but lots of fans aren’t very fond of him either.

14. Rosalia

Rosalia is the kind of character who always tries to use her looks and charm to get her out of sticky situations. While there isn’t necessarily anything wrong with that, it does make her a little one-dimensional because that’s really all there is to her. If there’s one thing that’s true about character development, it’s that being one dimensional is never a good quality

13. Gendo Ikari

There are probably some people who would be willing to debate whether or not Gendo Ikari is hate-worthy, but I’d quickly say yes. The fact that Gendo Ikari is a deadbeat dad automatically earned him a spot on our list. The fact that he abandoned his son when he was a baby just isn’t a good look.

12. Spandam

Spandam may be the kind of character who means well, but he’s also a little on the aggravating side. His clumsy nature and his short temper can be frustrating. In a Reddit thread, a user named JamesArclight said that Spandam is easy to hate because he is weak, selfish, and hurt Robin.

11. Sweyn Forkbeard

Based on the real-life Danish king of the same name, Sweyn Forkbeard is a character in Vinland Saga. Like lots of other kinds, Sweyn just isn’t that easy to like. He uses his power to rule with an iron fist and he’s the type of person who isn’t ever going to let anyone tell him what to do.

10. Arlong

Arlong is the type of character who has fans of One Piece feeling very divided. There are lots of people out there who really love him, but there are also lots of people who flat-out hate him. The fact that he is a polarizing character has definitely earned him a place in One Piece history.

9. Kugaha

Even if you hate Kugaha, you have to admit that he’s a very interesting character. As somewhat of a master of disguise, Kugaha was able to pretend to be a doctor so that he could pull off a plot to poison another character. On top of that, Kugaha has also exhibited some hypocritical behaviors and no one likes a hypocrite.

8. Nobuyuki Sugou

Many fans of WataMote: No Matter How I Look at It, It’s You Guys’ Fault I’m Not Popular! would agree that Nobuyuki Sugou is a very easy character to hate. As a villain, Nobuyuki doesn’t really have any good qualities to balance out all of his bad ones and that’s never a good sign for any character.

7. Boruto Uzumaki

Boruto Uzumaki is the textbook definition of a spoiled brat and that alone has caused lots of viewers to dislike him. Not being grateful for things just isn’t a good look. The fact that Boruto Uzumaki has no interest in addressing the fact that he’s a brat only adds fuel to the fire.

6. Shou Tucker

Sometimes characters are hated for who they are, and sometimes they’re hated in relationship to the other characters in the series. Shou Tucker seems to be part of the latter group. In a discussion on Quora, Anna Buroka said, “The main reason that people dislike Shou Tucker in Fullmetal Alchemist is because Nina, Prof Tucker’s daughter, was loved by lots of the fans. But what hurt the most was Edwards drastic emotional turmoil when she died. And especially when he found out that Tucker was the one that killed her.”

5. Hiromi Shiota

Hiromi Shiota is one of those characters who is so easy to hate that you’ll probably have a hard time finding someone who actually likes her. She was wanted a daughter so bad that when she got a son, Nagisa Shiota, instead, she forced him to dress how she wanted him to. Surprisingly, though, Hiromi and Nagisa were actually able to eventually repair their relationship.

4. Griffith

The fact that Griffith sexually assaulted someone earned him an automatic spot on our list. Just like in real life, doing something like that simply isn’t okay. As you might be able to guess, there are also plenty of other things about Griffith that have also caused people to hate him

3. Shinji Ikari

Lots of the characters on this last have Reddit threads full of people explaining why they hate them. Shinji Ikari has that and then some. There is an article on Cinema Blend that was written specifically to explain why Neon Genesis Evangelion hates Shinji Ikari. Although the article argues that people shouldn’t have such strong feelings of hatred for the character, fans can’t seem to find any reason to like him. Apparently, people feel that Shinji is too weak and doesn’t have enough heroic qualities.

2. Yukiteru Amano

Yukiteru Amano might just be one of the most polarizing characters in the Future Diary series. While some people see him as a well-rounded and realistic character, others think that Yukiteri is weak. In reality, it appears that characters who come too close to mirroring flaws that people have in real life are often disliked. Some people have a theory that people tend to dislike characters that they can relate to because they dislike themselves.

1. Danzo Shimura

If you’re a Naruto fan and you have Danzo Shimura, you certainly aren’t alone. The character has earned a spot on several people’s hate list, so it only made sense for him to earn a spot on ours. When it comes to why people hate him so much, the answer is actually pretty simple. A Reddit user whose username is no longer visible explained that people hate Danzo “Because of his philosophy of “the end justifies the means”, he’s caused a lot of pain to many people, lied and manipulated just so he could achieve what he wanted.”villains in the anime world

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