The 10 Most Annoying Disney Sidekicks of All-Time

The 10 Most Annoying Disney Sidekicks of All-Time

The 10 Most Annoying Disney Sidekicks of All-Time

Anytime a person watches a Disney movie there are a number of things that are bound to happen that are easy to bank on, and the main protagonist, or even the antagonist, having a sidekick is one of them. Plenty of people love the Disney sidekicks since they do come in handy from time to time and they manage to put a little pep into the story more often than not. But there are those moments when they become a little more annoying than helpful and even manage to become cringe-worthy since they just don’t appear to fully understand the situation and are given over to breaking into song or being so insanely positive that one can’t help but want to see the sidekicks get booted out of the picture for a while until they’re needed again. That might sound a little mean, but there’s only so much cute that a person can take before it starts to become kind of cloying.

Here are some of the most annoying Disney sidekicks.

10. Louis – The Princess and The Frog

As lovable as Louis is its kind of hard to say he was annoying at all, but he did have a tendency to be a little too impulsive thanks to his love for music and his inability to blend in with the crowd during anything but a festival. Even then, his need to be included kind of got him in trouble but did prove to be useful. The one big downfall is that in Louisiana it’s easier to believe that Louis would have been shot and stuffed rather quickly, even taking into account that it’s a cartoon.

9. Sebastian – The Little Mermaid

A lot of Disney movies have that stick-in-the-mud character that’s bound to be looking out for the protagonist but is pretty stiff in the way they go about it. Sebastian had a lot of redeemable qualities to him but geez, the crab couldn’t help but be a downer a lot of the time for one reason or another. While he was correct about surface-dwellers and their habits of fishing and eating, he kind of neglects to mention that those beneath the waves do the same thing.

8. Olaf – Frozen

If there’s anything truly irritating about Olaf it’s that he’s so painfully naive and oblivious to a lot of the world around him, and then eventually comes around to realize that yes, being made of snow is not that great when you’re stuck in a warmer area. Even saying that Olaf is an annoying character might upset a lot of people simply because he’s supposed to be one of the most happy-go-lucky characters that Disney has ever created and to be fair, he kind of is.

7. Iago – Aladdin

So Iago did turn against Jafar in the second movie that went straight to video, but in the first movie he was by far one of the most annoying characters to deal with since the voice of Gilbert Gottfried is the equivalent to nails wrapped in glass being dragged down a chalkboard at a snail’s pace. Not only that, but the fact that for most of his lines, all Iago did was complain about one thing or another.

6. Terk – Tarzan

Initially, Terk is such a poor friend that she almost gets Tarzan killed since he’s all about belonging and showing the others that he’s willing to do anything to be their friend. Had Terk simply stuck up for Tarzan more than once it might have been that his childhood was a little easier. Of course, then he wouldn’t have become the same person most likely. But Terk is more annoying simply because everything is great when things go the way she wants, but the moment she’s inconvenienced there’s no way to console her.

5. Zazu – The Lion King

This is another stick-in-the-mud character that often means well and does his job to the best of his ability but is still a major annoyance because he can’t shut up that often. Near the end of the movie he’s still proven worthless as anything but an advisor since he can’t really fight without a ton of help and his acerbic wit is only fit to get him into trouble more often than not.

4. Piglet – Winnie the Pooh

Every single one of the animals in this movie has a distinct personality that has been studied and analyzed thoroughly over the years, and Piglet is the consummate worrier that simply can’t relax and can’t just let things go. If there’s something to worry about then he’s going to stutter and stammer his way through whatever it is since the character can’t ever appear to find a way to be content.

3. Baloo – The Jungle Book

This is hard to say since Baloo is the kind of companion that anyone might want to have. But the downside is he’s also the lazy kind of companion that doesn’t want to do much unless it’s the bare minimum to get along and even then, it’s likely he’ll only do as much as it takes to get himself fed before he relaxes yet again.

2. Cogsworth – Beauty and the Beast

Cogsworth is the kind of character that, when he’s back to being human, one wonders about since it’s likely that he’s overdue for a panic attack or a heart attack or something that will lay him up since he apparently can’t calm down that often. Plus, he’s such a stickler for rules that had he been allowed to follow the rules, Belle might have starved.

1. Mushu – Mulan

Mushu is that well-meaning friend that causes just as many problems as he solves since sometimes he’s the one that causes the problem that needs to be solved. Add onto that the fact that he’s a bit of an egotist, for some reason, and he’s more than a little annoying since he has a big heart and a bigger ego in a small body that can barely contain it all.

Endearing, annoying, call it what you’d like.a sidekick

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