10 Dark and Disturbing Facts About Naruto

10 Dark and Disturbing Facts About Naruto

10 Dark and Disturbing Facts About Naruto

To many people, Naruto acted as the entry into the world of Japanese manga. And since then, Matashi Kishimoto has taken the world by storm. Naruto follows the life of Naruto Uzumaki, a young shinobi who seeks recognition and acceptance from his community. Even though the colorful jumpsuits and colorful hair might lead you to believe that this is a simplistic anime, the gore and sometimes questionable acts of villains and shinobi alike leave you asking yourself why anyone would do that? Here are ten dark facts about Naruto.

Naruto’s Sexy Jutsu Shows the Majority of the People are Perverts 

Sexy jutsu or harem jutsu is a technique that naruto uses to distract and play tricks on men. He turns into either a bikini-clad woman or a nude woman with clouds covering her privates. He first used this technique on Jiraiya when they were training. It’s a bit weird seeing he was only 12 when he was using the jutsu. The men are seen with nose bleeds, signaling their arousal.

The Village is Built with an Anticipation of War

The ninja world consists of 9 nations divided into smaller villages. Thus, you have to be the strongest to survive. In between mad villains who wish to rebirth the world and superiors who want to rule everything, it makes it impossible for peace to exist. Even though War is inevitable, building your communities on its expectations 24/7 seems a bit kooky.

Itachi Led a Complicated Life

Many people will argue that Itachi was a bad guy. Even though he massacred his entire clan, including his girlfriend, he was more complicated than most characters. After Danzo brainwashed him into massacring his clan, he knew there was only one way to redeem himself. That is, have his brother kill him. When he used his genjutsu on Sasuke, having him relive the moment he killed their parents, his one redeeming quality, his love for his brother, seemed to disappear. The young Uchiha did all of that to Suke, knowing well that it was the only way he could get him to forgive him, and carrying the burden of knowing his clan was planning a coup against Konoha was a lot for the young shinobi.

The Villagers are Quick to Shun Each Other 

When you are a 12-year-old orphan boy, the last thing that you want to deal with is ignorant villagers. When the villagers learn of Naruto’s jinchuriki status, they quickly cast him aside, leaving him to fend for himself. Despite Naruto only wanting to be accepted as one of them, they make sure he knows he’s not welcome, and they even go as far as planning to kill him once they find him after he steals a forbidden scroll.

The Chunin Exams are 2.0 Hunger Games 

Get many teens and put them in a forest. Not just any forest, though-the forest of death. When Naruto and the band of seven are sent into the forest of death, Kakashi tells them that only a handful of them will return. It might sound bizarre, but considering that they grew up in literal war zones, it would only make sense for them to face 50-foot centipedes and giant blood-sucking leeches. The expectation is to fight to the death amongst the teams in the forest. However, there is no more killing as soon as they get out.

The Kids Raised in the Ninja are Messed Up 

When you grow up in one of the five larger nations and possess a massive amount of chakra, the community and your family put an enormous expectation on you. If you have two parents, the chances of messing you up are the same as that of an orphan. Gaara’s dad sent an assassin to try and kill him, yet he was the one who sacrificed him to be made into a jinchuriki, Naruto’s parents died when he was young, and even so, he had no idea who they were until he was 10. Sakura’s parents pitted her and her sister against each other, and as such, it becomes clear that maybe these parents need a go at how not to mess up your ninja kids’ book.

There is a Religion Dedicated to a Sacrificial god 

Considering the background that most anime have bloodthirsty gods isn’t a new or terrifying arc. However, jashin was no ordinary god. He gives Hidan immortality as a “gift” for all the human sacrifices he receives. Even though Hidan possesses no actual jutsu or Kekkei Genkai, he is a formidable villain to Naruto. He was even still alive once after they chopped his head off. It seems like jashin is one tough cookie.

The Wars in Naruto are Based on Actual Events

Masashi Kishimoto grew up in a town near where the Nagasaki bombings happened. When writing the action sequences in Naruto, he used stories his grandpa told him as a frame of reference. Even though there aren’t any guns in Naruto, some of the chakra used can be as heavy as a bomb, which is a bit scary. And the events of the first shinobi world war mirror those of the first world war.

Team Kakashi is Dysfunctional

When Kakashi should be teaching the kids a new jutsu, he has his nose buried deep in one of Jiraiya’s romance novels. Sasuke leaves the team for Orochimaru and Sakura, and Naruto follows him to convince him that it’s a bad idea. Sakura almost loses her life. Sasuke and Naruto are constantly fighting thanks to their mutual “big headedness.” No one expects the four to be best friends. However, they have a unique relationship comparable to that of a family.

The Hokage and ANBU are Weirdly Secretive

When Obito kills Naruto’s mother and his father(the fourth Hokage) sacrifices himself to save the village, the Third Hokage bars anyone from talking about the boy’s past. It was a matter of national security which is understandable. However, the power dynamics in Konoha might lead one to believe it’s dictatorial. The ANBU goes on secret missions, most probably high-level assassinations that they cannot talk about. Ordinary humans are expected to trust that they have their best wishes at heart. Although the ninja world might be dark, it has some good in it. Naruto finds his tribe and is true to Kakashi’s words that those who abandon their friends are worse than scum.

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