Michonne And Rick Will Be Getting Their Own Spinoff Series

Michonne And Rick Will Be Getting Their Own Spinoff Series

Michonne And Rick Will Be Getting Their Own Spinoff Series

If you’re a Walking Dead fan, you probably miss former lead characters, Rick Grimes and Michonne. Better yet, how about Richonne? Okay, so I’ll be honest, I wasn’t too big on their romance. As a Walking Dead fan who stuck with the comics, I was hoping for Rick to actually end up with Andrea. But of course, Andrea was untimely killed off in the finale of season 3, so that romance never happened. Fans who read the comics were left wondering who would be the next fling for our guy Rick Grimes. And in an unexpected flip flop from the comics, the show decided to make Rick and Michonne a couple in season 6. The final season we all saw Rick in was season 9, where he finally got to form some kind of family.

And shortly after that, we saw Michonne have another child, her son with Rick, RJ. Guess what that stands for? What else by Rick Grimes Jr.? Looks like Rick actually got to replace Carl after all. Too soon? Hardly, but honestly, the show was probably better off with keeping Carl alive. And after Michonne went on her journey to find the lost Rick in season 10, we were left with a seriously large gap that has yet to be filled.

Who is now the true main protagonist of The Walking Dead? I think the most obvious answer is Daryl Dixon, rightfully so. He’s pretty much the one character who is carrying the rest of the series on his shoulders. Of course, we still have other great characters who are still a part of the show, such as Maggie and Negan. However, AMC pulling all these characters from the main show in order to develop more spinoff shows is hurting the show overall. If you’ve read the comics, you know how it all ends.

I won’t spoil anything, but the ending of the comics hit us because it involved all the major characters. That included characters who are either dead or no longer involved in the show. All of this just makes me wonder how the show will end compare to the comics. The comics ended on such a high note on a strong emotional level and I have a feeling the show won’t hit that mark. I think that will be due to the fact that several big characters have transitioned to other spinoffs or they’re on their way to doing spinoffs. Speaking of which, some very interesting news just dropped about the future of both Rick and Michonne.

After Rick’s departure from the show, AMC confirmed that they will be developing movies just for him. Those sounded very interesting, given where we last saw him. Was Jadis taking him to meet with the Civic Republic? He was the only leverage she had in order to meet with them. However, given the nature of the Civic Republic, it’s likely Rick didn’t find a suitable home with them. If he is indeed living under the jurisdiction of the Civic Republic, it is either as a prisoner or a reluctant soldier. I’m sure they would try to coerce him into leading some military division for them, given his natural leadership skills.

Fans can be assured that Rick Grimes is likely not in a good place. As for Michonne, you have to wonder where she is in her journey. She is still probably a long way off, but this reminds me of how she found her daughter in the comics. Of course, this happened when Michonne went to the Commonwealth and discovered that her supposedly dead daughter Elodie was alive and well. In the show, this storyline was replaced with Yumiko finding her brother living in the Commonwealth.

The show version of Michonne has no daughters, only RJ and her deceased son Andrea. The chances of the show duplicating the comic storyline with her son is unlikely. However, this spinoff will center around both Rick and Michonne finding each other. Where do they go from there? This new spinoff could throw us another curveball and have the the two of them find some long lost love ones. We should welcome more characters from the comics making an unexpected debut in the show. The show can also give us a variation of certain characters from the comics. They’ve done it several times before and there’s no reason they can’t do it in the spinoffs.

For this new spinoff, having Rick and Michonne reunite is just step one. The next step is overcoming the obstacles in their way in order to find their way back home. That is probably where all these spinoffs are leading to. Negan and Maggie are getting one, Morgan transitioned over to Fear the Walking Dead, and Daryl and Carol were supposed to get their own spinoff. Those plans were shelved, but it won’t be the last we see of that famous zombie-killing duo. AMC will find a way to reunite them in some other spinoff show, but I think they will all lead to all the characters finding each other.

That is all going to lead to an Avengers: Endgame-like moment of the whole franchise. But before we see that, we have to see that build up first. This spinoff will center around Rick and Michonne, but their journey together could connect with other shows. This will have them make new alliances and new enemies as well. That could stretch from the Civic Republic or the enemies Morgan has faced or will face. But if you ask me, I’m just waiting for that reunion between Rick and Daryl, the ultimate bromance.

What are your thoughts, Walking Dead fans? Are you excited for this Michonne and Rick spinoff? Let’s just wait and see how the final season will end and we’ll get a better idea on where it could lead into.

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