Jeffrey Dean Morgan in The Boys? Yes Please

Jeffrey Dean Morgan in The Boys? Yes Please

Jeffrey Dean Morgan in The Boys? Yes Please

So far it sounds like more rumor than reality, but if Jeffrey Dean Morgan was to come to The Boys season 4 it’s not tough to think that this could happen, especially since Jensen Ackles has already been added to the show. But what part would Morgan play? His role as Negan in The Walking Dead and his time in Supernatural, not to mention several movies, have made it clear that he can play a tough guy, but that he’s also far more than the savage individual that can brain someone with a barbed wire-wrapped baseball bat. For all that he’s evolved though, one has to think that he’s also shown a lot of character over the years and has been able to turn on the charm in a very big way, so fitting into the cast of The Boys shouldn’t be a big deal. Plus, the alpha male behavior that has been so prevalent on the show is right up Morgan’s alley, so thinking that he could be given a solid part in the fourth season isn’t tough at all. 

There’s just one episode to get through in season 3, and it’s not hard to think that things could twist in a big way now that a big reveal has been made. But given Morgan’s star power, it feels as though he needs to be more than just a bit player since Ackles has already been given a role that’s going to be pivotal in the season finale. It only feels right that Morgan would be given the same, since stating that he might not have earned it would be an inaccurate statement. One thing that’s kind of obvious with Soldier Boy is that while he has a rich past with The Boys, he’s more of an outlier since The Seven have been the main supes since the beginning, no matter that Soldier Boy and his team came first in the story’s timeline. 

It is possible that Morgan might only be a small-time player in the next season if he makes it in, but it does sound like something that would irritate the fans, not to mention that since Morgan is a fan of the show, he might want to do more. There’s also a rumor that Jared Padalecki is getting the look for the show, but this is even more of a rumor than Morgan, who could be a reality eventually. At this time season 4 is still a lot of guesswork in the making, but seeing how things have been going paints a pretty well-defined picture of how things could go, and the comics are bound to be followed to a certain degree to create the type of story that people are going to continue to enjoy. What would be interesting is if Morgan was given a character who was vital to the story but also one of the worst characters ever, much like he was made out to be in The Walking Dead. When looking at The Boys though, this feels like a tall order since it’s likely that anyone worse than Homelander or Soldier Boy would be an overall threat to the world and would need to be locked away and forgotten for a long time to come. 

But it is possible since Soldier Boy was a surprise to a lot of people when he was announced, so it’s likely that a character for Morgan could be just as vile. It would be a little tough seeing him as a solid face for the supes at this point since most of the supposed heroes in this story have been absolutely horrible or just naive enough to think that they’re actually making a difference. In other words,  there aren’t a lot of true heroes in this story, and those that do exist are vastly outnumbered by the rest. The supes that are trying to do the right thing are kind of forced to go along to get along or are forced to hide or flee for their lives to avoid the supes that won’t tolerate them making anyone look bad. Seeing Morgan as an actual hero might be kind of odd since he’s played such a great villain and mercenary-type character for so long. 

But to see him in the next season would be fun since it would add another element to The Boys that fans would no doubt love and find entirely enjoyable. If it does happen one can imagine that fans are going to be ecstatic and will start drawing up theories over what we’ll next. As it stands, the third season has been a thrill ride from the first episode to the seventh, and with Homelander becoming more and more unhinged it’s easy to think that one way or another, things are going to come to a boiling point that will create a situation that will get out of hand quicker than anyone can blink. 

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