Michelle Williams on Her Acting Career and Preferred Roles

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Michelle Williams is a woman who made it big when she starred in the hit television show Dawson’s Creek. She wasn’t the main star of the series. Williams wasn’t Joey Potter, the girl next door, but she did play a pivotal role in the show and in our lives growing up. She is a woman who has led a very public life, but we don’t know her at all.

What we do know about Michelle Williams is that she always comes across as a petite, adorable, sweet girl-next-door kind of woman, but she is not necessarily. She’s not nearly as innocent or as easy-going as people like to think, and she didn’t even like her Dawson’s Creek character that much. There are many things in her life that have shaped her, and we thought we might delve into a few of the things that people really did not know about her at all.

Michelle Williams Takes on Dark and Tragic Roles

It seems almost like it doesn’t fit her personality, but the truth is that these are the roles she prefers. In fact, when she first began working on Dawson’s Creek, she only liked the job because it allowed her to earn a steady paycheck to pay the bills and still allowed her to focus on finding roles in darker films that better suited her. She’s never been the peppy blonde that she looks like, and that’s not something she is ashamed of, either. She regularly makes it clear that she’s not the overjoyed, jovial, peppy blonde that people seem to think she is. She’s quieter, more reserved, and more related to the dark and tragic than anything else when it comes to taking a role. She’s even been described as being larger than life despite her small stature.

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Michelle Williams Detested Her Early Career

When she was a teenager, she knew she wanted to work in the acting industry. However, she didn’t yet have the fame, importance, or financial ability to choose her roles carefully. Rather, she took any and all roles offered to her, and she’s vocal about the fact that she detests those years and the roles she played. Had the financial freedom to be pickier about what she did in her career, she likely would not have taken on any of those roles.

Michelle Williams Became Emancipated as A Teen

She wanted to work, but there were too many child labor laws in place that prevented her from taking on the work she wanted. She sought emancipation from her parents when she was still a minor and went to work. It was not, however, a very easy time for her. She is credited for pointing out that she met some of the most horrible people in the world when she lived in Los Angeles as a teenage girl, all alone, and she did not appreciate that. She went through rough times to get to where she is in her career, which has significantly shaped her.

The Death of Heath Ledger Was One of the Most Difficult Times in her Life

Michelle Williams and actor Heath Ledger were a Hollywood ‘it’ couple from 2004 until the end of their relationship in 2007. They were media darlings even though both were inherently private and did not care much for the media following them around daily. As it would happen, 2005 was a huge year for her. It was the year that Brokeback Mountain – the movie in which she starred alongside Heath Ledger – was released. She was nominated for an Academy Award, she became pregnant, and she and Heath Ledger welcomed their daughter. It was a massive year for the two.

However, that year of highs was followed by years of lows for Williams and Ledger. They ended their engagement in 2007, and Heath Ledger died in 2008 following a drug overdose. She was left to pick up the pieces of her life with a toddler who had just lost her father, and the media constantly hounded her left and right. Williams was a very young 20-something single mother whose daughter no longer had a father, and life was difficult.

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She is a Mother First

Despite all she’s been through and all she does in Hollywood, Michelle Williams is first a mother to her daughter, and then everything else falls in line after that. She picked up the pieces of her life following the death of Ledger and the sheer invasion of her privacy, and she figured it out. She might not be perfect, but she does her very best, and that is all that matters.

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