Meet Megan Hops: The Flight Attendant Looking for Love on The Bachelor

Meet Megan Hops: The Flight Attendant Looking for Love on The Bachelor

Bachelor fans eagerly gather every year to see who will be the next woman to win the heart of the man who was so brutally scorned by another woman in seasons past, and this year is no different. Bachelor Nation fans are curious to know who will take home Pilot Pete to meet their families, who will be part of the most dramatic season ever, and what will happen. Megan Hops is one of the 30 new women we are getting to know right now, and she’s got an interesting story. Are you intrigued to learn more about this woman who is looking to find love on national television with 29 of her new best friends?

1. She’s No Stranger to the Pilot Life

Megan Hops might just be the perfect pilot wife, and here’s why: she grew up as the daughter of an airline pilot. Her father flew planes for a living, and she knows what it takes to be the family member of someone who spends more time in the sky than at home. She watched her mother do it. She’s familiar with the drill, the routine, and how it works for everyone when they are in the air. This girl has a significant advantage.

2. She’s Well-Acquainted with the Friendly Skies

In fact, she knows them quite well, as she’s a flight attendant. Megan loves to be in the air, see the world, and follow in the same footsteps her grandmother took. She cherishes the fact that she has that in common with her. Being a flight attendant is a cool job that most people wouldn’t think to consider when they enter the workforce, but it seems to work out really well for her.

3. She’s Eager to Explore the World

The main reason Megan loves her job is that she gets to see the world and its people. She gets to experience things she’s never seen before, be someone she’s never been, and enjoy a sense of freedom everywhere she goes. Sure, she’s working on the way there, but what difference does that make? We assume flights are faster when you’re not sitting down squished between two other people the entire trip.

4. She’s a Devoted Dog Mom

It must be challenging to be a dog mom when you’re traveling the world all the time, but Megan makes it work. She loves coming home to an animal that adores her and wants to spend time with her. Hopefully, she can also add a husband and some kids to the mix sooner rather than later.

5. She’s a Hopeless Romantic

Despite her parents’ divorce when she was 18, Megan hasn’t given up on love. She witnessed her mother fall madly and deeply in love with her new stepdad, and it’s given her all the feels. She’s a hopeless romantic who is looking to find love, and she’s hoping that it’s the forever kind of love that she can write home about in her own world.

6. She’s Fun-Loving and Friendly

One of the most fun things we’ve seen yet is Megan taking a photo of herself with all of the new ladies and the man of the hour, and she asked the world on her Instagram feed how hot her new sister wives are. She’s coming across as someone we love to love, and she seems so much like a woman we’d love to get to know. She’s down to make new friends and hopefully find some love at the same time.

7. She Works for the Same Airline as Another Contestant

Megan and Eunice Cho are both flight attendants, and they work for the same airline. If we are not mistaken, they both fly for United Airlines. They are both all over the world, which might be one of the many reasons they love their jobs so much. But, how much of their lives can they handle if they were to become wives and mothers and people who need to be home more than they need to travel the world?

8. She’s Already Back Home

Megan didn’t make it very far on this show, but that’s all right. Not everyone can make it through to the end, obviously. Only so many can go so far, and only one woman can make it to the very end, and that’s what it’s about. Megan Hops is not that woman, and she didn’t make it very far. In fact, Pilot Pete sent all his flight attendant ladies home straight away.

9. We Don’t Think Her Career Was What He Was Looking For

The show thought that since his mother and father met as a pilot and a flight attendant, things would work out the same way for him, but that did not happen the way they thought it might. He didn’t meet the love of his life at work already, and many fans were wondering why he needed to go on national television to meet a flight attendant. He might have lived that through his parents, but he wasn’t looking for it this time around.

10. She’s 26 and from San Francisco

Megan is a California girl through and through, even if she doesn’t spend much time in her hometown. She’s giving the world her attention, and that means she’s looking for things that don’t involve being at home that often. She might love home, and we love that, but she’s just not there as often as she might want to be in the real world. Or, maybe she doesn’t want to be there at all when it comes down to it.

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