20 Celebrities Who Are Notoriously Very Hard to Work With

Celebrities are in some cases simply known because they are famous, outspoken, larger than life, and in some cases simply difficult to work with. Many stories abound of how some celebrities are demanding, pushy, and in several instances just too over the top to manage. Some stars let the fame go to their heads, others are unable to curb their otherwise irritating or even harmful habits, and some seem to just be born to make the lives of others increasingly frustrating. No matter what the reason is, some people are harder to work with than others due to a lack of humility or a superiority complex that places them over the top. Some people seem proud of this character flaw, while others tend to claim that it’s not so much their fault as it is those that will not do as they ask. Regardless of the reason why, some celebrities are quite simply hard to work with and are seen as a bane to those that must coexist within their orbit. With that said, here are the celebrities that are believed to be the most difficult to work around.

20. Val Kilmer

It’s a bit hard to equate such a prolific actor with the kind of temper he’s reputed to have. Kilmer was at one time a star that was believed to be one of the greats, as his many roles helped to showcase his range and depth of emotion. He could fill a role like few others and seemed genuinely dedicated to his craft, but from a very young age it was found that he was anything but a people-pleaser. At the age of 12 he walked out on one of his first ever appearances, and by the time he was cast for “Batman Forever” he had already gained a reputation for being confrontational with directors and writers alike. In fact, it is well known at this point that he and director Joel Schumacher engaged in a heated war of words on the “Batman Forever” set. While you might love the guy, there’s no denying that he has a bit of a temper that he can’t seem to control.

19. Mike Myers

Who would have thought the man responsible for bringing “Wayne’s World” and “Austin Powers” to life would be anything but friendly and slightly goofy when off set? Myers is said to be a comedic genius, and there are few if any that would dare to disagree, but he is also said to be a moody and temperamental control freak that terrorizes his fellow cast members and crew with his many demands. This condition got so bad once that his director for “Wayne’s World” actually had to assign him an assistant to keep up with his ever-increasing list of demands. It could be the pressure of being famous or simply the misunderstood workings of a genius intellect, but many would still like to hoist a pint with Meyers and drink to the man’s onscreen sense of humor.

18. Katherine Heigl

Some actors and actresses seem sweet and kind onscreen, but in real life they are anything but. Over the years Katherine Heigl has taken a great deal of heat for her off screen criticisms of her fellow actors and anyone that stands within earshot. She’s been called a number of unflattering names, but the truth is that some people will still work with while other are just waiting for her to mature a bit more. During the shooting of “Knocked Up” and “Grey’s Anatomy” she was said to be quite difficult. In many instances she would seek to figuratively rip the scripts apart with a million and one unneeded questions or would refuse to come out of her trailer, thereby causing schedule delays and other related problems. To date Heigl is attempting to change her ways, but what will come next is anyone’s guess.

17. Gwyneth Paltrow

Paltrow is what some would call “quirky” in that she displays some serious personality traits that might leave some people scratching their heads. For instance when she is at the gym she wants someone to dry the showers before she gets in so that she won’t come into contact with someone else’s used water. On set she is somewhat of a gossip, as she has been heard to speak about her female co-stars and colleagues quite often while praising them to their faces.

16. Russell Crowe

This is a case where the media could very well be blowing matters out of proportion in regards to what an actor is truly like in real life. In other words, Russell Crowe has been accused of being an angry and even confrontational person, though he professes that this is just not so. Some might disagree considering that he once feuded with George Clooney over the fact that Clooney appeared in several TV commercials. Crowe then called him a sellout, which prompted a brief but notable feud between the two that eventually blew over. While he says he is not an angry or confrontational person, it is hard to argue with pictures and film clips that show a contrary view.

15. Edward Norton

There is a very solid reason why Norton was not back to play the role of Bruce Banner in “The Avengers”. While he is a very dedicated individual and is true to his craft, he is also a very big control freak that must have things his way. This makes him less of a team player and closer to a male diva, leaving him bereft of those that actually want to work with him.

14. Steven Seagal

In his heyday Seagal was the quintessential badass with the calmness of a Buddhist and an ability to take down bad guys like no one’s business. As he began to age however his role in the action film industry began to wane largely because he could not adapt to the current needs of the genre. More than this however, his character flaws began to show through. While he is quite impressive on film and even still kind of fun to watch, he has been called out more than once as a paper fighter, someone that is great when it doesn’t count, but couldn’t fight his way out of a wet sack if he had to. Whether or not this is true is still up for debate, but one fact that has lost Seagal a number of fans is that he is believed to be a compulsive liar. From recounting his days spent with CIA operatives and doing “special favors” for several of them, to hanging with many influential characters throughout the world, Seagal has only succeeded in alienating his fan base when it was discovered that many of his claims are unfounded.

13. James Cameron

Those that make award-winning films tend to get away with a lot, but they are still often noted for being anything but nice people at times. James Cameron is said to be a control freak and more than a little egotistic in that he believes that he can deliver a new and unheard of story anytime he sees fit. It speaks highly of his ability to bring forth a story in a new and engaging light, but he is somewhat less than humble, which can be a good and a bad thing.

12. Kanye West

There is so much that can be said of West, but much of it is based upon opinion and not hard fact. One very real fact is that during his short stint on “Anchorman 2” West refused to simply leave when he was told that he was done. He reportedly stuck around and blasted rap music loud enough to disrupt filming despite repeated attempts to get him to leave. More than this however, the artist knows that he is slightly if not completely unhinged, and even tells people to not believe at least ninety percent of what he says. This sounds like wise advice.

11. Sharon Stone

There are few other divas in Hollywood that can top this woman. It doesn’t seem to matter what role she is played in she will play it in such a way that those around her may very well be forgotten until she is off screen. On top of being beautiful and quite talented, Stone is undeniably intelligent, which can make for a volatile mix. One of her former assistants went on to state that if Stone wasn’t yelling at her she was belittling her for one thing or another. This goes to show that intelligence doesn’t always denote wisdom, as Stone is perhaps one of the best cases of egotism coupled with intelligence and a lack of humility.

10. Charlie Sheen

It is very easy for one’s brain to overload when thinking of all Sheen has accomplished and what he has done in the recent past to erase every single accolade that people use to throw at him. There is no doubt that he is a talented actor, a beloved face, and an astounding personality. But he is also a former addict, a destructive force in the lives of those that knew him best, and a very angry and egocentric individual. As a textbook narcissist, Sheen absolutely needs the spotlight, and thanks to this has run through a long list of friends and willing co-workers that either love him or hate him depending on their chemistry. If not for his need to be the center of attention at all times he might have never left “Two and A Half Men”.

9. Madonna

Yet another iconic figure, Madonna is very much a self-centered individual despite her acts to the contrary. During one interview session she went so far as to schedule the interview in advance and then cancel on the day of the interview without any explanation at all. Once the interviewer was allowed to finally speak to her Madonna acted quite rude and did not respond to any questions unless they were directed at her achievements and work ethic. Millions of fans might love her, but given this type of treatment it stands to reason that many might choose instead to simply distance themselves from the material girl.

8. Lindsay Lohan

She is a self-professed egotist, shows up late to filming, and then makes insane demands once she does deign to make an appearance. In other words Lohan is more than just a little difficult, she is a diva that some say is quite juvenile in her manner and appearance. Her excuse is that she wants to win an Oscar and that she still wants to have a life. While no one could possibly fault her for such desires the idea that she can work half as hard and yet reap the full benefits make her quite difficult to work with.

7. Mariah Carey

At the risk of being rude Mariah Carey is perhaps one of the most two-faced divas in the industry, and as result sees herself as a decent and good person but attempts to make excuses for her ill behavior while on screen. Many celebrities can rightfully claim that their poor behavior is a publicity stunt, but with Carey it seems that she cannot always make up her mind which face she wishes to present to the public. Her infamous feud with fellow judge Nikki Minaj on the show “American Idol” brought to life many of her character traits that some fans had never seen before.

6. Christian Bale

Bale is seen as a bit off-putting by many of his fellow actors for a couple of reasons. One is that he is a fairly angry person who takes things a bit too seriously at times. Another is that he tends to be fascinated by real-world violence and sees it as a means of making the world work. He has often been seen on set to never once fraternize with his fellow actors, as he believes in keeping himself at a distance from others so as to stay in character. While it doesn’t make him a bad person, it does tend to raise a host of other questions about his character.

5. Jennifer Aniston

Coming from being a little-known actress to being one of the most sought-after divas in the industry can definitely change a person. Whether she was this diva-esque when she was younger or fame made her this way, Aniston is in a class all her own. Not only does she eat her meals separately from the crew and cast of any production she is involved with, but she typically keeps her personal trailer miles from the set to complete her isolation. Aside from this she is another demanding personality that seeks to impose her will on set, and is reportedly not willing to compromise all that often.

4. Jennifer Lopez

Needless to say, being an assistant to this diva is not bound to be an easy job. The description she gives for the position sounds like something out of a drama or romantic comedy. The applicants need to be at her beck and call for all things at all times and are expected to be grateful to be treated like dirt or asked to do anything that might not be within their limitations. In other words, if you want to work for J-Lo, be ready to take a crash course in everything from cooking to foreign relations to changing her baby’s diapers.

3. Beyonce

The use of a single name seems to scream “diva”, and Beyonce is no different. Her demands during Superbowl 48 were so outrageous that many of those that worked with her were heard to state that they would be glad to never relive such an experience. She is generally seen as an inspiration and a hard-working individual that many look up to, but it might be harder to admire her when one is seeking to fulfill her every need.

2. Teri Hatcher

Despite being an integral part of “Desperate Housewives” for so long it is reported that Hatcher never really got along with her fellow actresses. She is a reported narcissist and quite ambivalent towards the rest of the cast, and as a result alienated herself from those around her. As if to drive home the point the cast of the show decided to reward the crew that had worked so hard to make the show possible with an impressive gift once its final episode had aired, but purposefully left Hatcher’s name off of the thank you note.

1. Shia LeBeouf

If ignorance and arrogance ever had a face it would be that of Shia LeBeouf. The young actor that was so influential in the “Transformers” movies has been heard to state that he doesn’t believe there is anything he could learn in school that he couldn’t learn on set. Ever since his rise to fame he has been largely outspoken about his feelings towards acting and his true purpose. While he gets points for honesty he loses serious credibility for the simple fact that he admits to not knowing what he’s doing or why. This kind of attitude has led a great many people to wisely distance themselves from him in an attempt to simply forget that he is or ever was a part of Hollywood.



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