“Megamind” 2010: When Villains Become Heroes

credit: Megamind

In Hollywood’s cinematic universe of heroes and villains, it’s not every day we see a villain turn into the film’s hero. When DreamWorks Animation began production of its 2010 Megamind animated comedy film, it stood out from others before it. What better way to stand out than becoming a spoof of one of Hollywood’s superhero movies, Superman?

The voice cast was packed full of iconic actors. The film was critically acclaimed and was a success at the Box Office. However, judging by the success of DreamWorks Animation films over the years, Megamind became one of its lowest-grossing CG animated films of the 2010s. Premiered in Russia, it grossed $321 million globally on a budget of $130 million.

As a recap of the movie’s storyline, these were the top voice cast of Megamind (2010).

Megamind (Will Ferrell)


credit: Megamind

Will Ferrell plays the lead role as Megamind; a humanoid alien sent down to earth. As the movie’s main character, Megamind is hard to mix. He’s a blue-skinned alien with a large head on his neck.

Megamind is hurriedly placed in a spaceship by his parents and sent to earth as a baby to save him from their disintegrating planet. He first sees his lifelong arch-nemesis, Metro Man, as they both journey through space to earth. Raised in prison, Megamind accepts his fate as a supervillain and lives life to the fullest.

When he thinks he has successfully killed Metro Man, he becomes bored and depressed with no hero to fight. Finally, he chooses to create a hero to fight, but the hero becomes a nuisance and becomes a far worse villain than Megamind. He must become the city’s hero to save the woman he loves.

Roxanne Ritchi (Tina Fey)


credit: Megamind

Tina Fey provides the voice-over for Roxanne Ritchi’s character. Roxanne is a spoof character of Superman’s Lois Lane. As a reporter, Lois Lane covers the events in the city. Although Megamind captures her to lure Metro Man, he later becomes attracted to her.

Knowing Megamind as the city’s villain, Roxanne is far from being interested in dating someone like him. Instead, she gets attracted to Bernard, the museum curator, who Megamind uses as a disguise. However, when Megamind becomes the hero, Roxanne begins to see him differently.

Hal Stewart/Tighten (Jonah Hill)


credit: Megamind

Jonah Hill is one super-talented comedian actor that’s often underrated. Playing Tighten’s character is yet another proof of his acting genius. Hal Stewart is Roxanne’s cameraman who has unrequited feelings for her. Not only is he nerdy, but he’s also dimwitted.

When Megamind seeks to create a hero to kill his boredom and depression, he mistakenly injects Hal with the serum. Megamind had wanted a superhero named Titan, but the dimwitted Hal mistook it for Tighten. Nevertheless, he becomes a far worse supervillain, who Megamind has to stop.

Minion (David Cross)


credit: Megamind

When Megamind was being sent from his dying planet, his parents gave him a pet to keep him company. Minion is a talking fish who eventually becomes Megamind’s best friend and sidekick. Also, he knocks the real Bernard out with a forget-me stick in the mid-credit scene.

Metro Man (Brad Pitt)

Metro Man

credit: Megamind

Brad Pitt gets in this movie as the voice cast for Metro Man, a spoof of Superman. Metro Man was lucky to be raised in a wealthy home. He matures into becoming the superhero of the city. After playing the hero most of his life, Metro Man gets bored and looks to follow his dreams—a career in music.

Knowing the city will never let him be, he fakes his death. Megamind revels in the victory of killing Metro Man but is shocked to find him still alive in his old hideout. Metro Man is happy with his new career as a musician.

Bernard (Ben Stiller)


credit: Megamind

Who else is perfect for playing the character of a curator in a museum than the man behind the Night at the Museum movie series? Ben Stiller is the voice actor for Bernard. Megamind impersonates Bernard to try to win Roxanne’s affection.

To do this, he dehydrates the real Bernard into a small cube. In the mid-credit scene, Bernard is rehydrated in a washing machine. However, he gets knocked out almost immediately by Minion with a forget-me stick.

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